Success Stories


ERP Integration

The Business Case

A client which was managing billion dollar real estate portfolio which included restaurants, hotels, office buildings, commercial malls and medical buildings. This client ran multiple ERP systems for different business functions and industry verticals, making data management very complicated. While Yardi was the primary accounting software used for office buildings and commercial malls, the M3 Accounting software was used for restaurants and hotels. In addition, various software were used for different functionalities i.e., Concur for travel expense management, CoStar for construction project management and Navatar for deal sourcing. Due to the use of multiple systems, key data had to be duplicated manually in each system. Plus, data had to be transferred manually between the two accounting systems to generate consolidated reports.

The Solution

Assetsoft’s solution allowed data to be automatically shared between both applications in real-time. Only one application was assigned as the primary keeper of data, so information did not have to be updated in multiple systems by the users.  This enabled synchronized changes across all ERP platforms, reducing the time required to manage data and the risk of input errors. Our solution extracted travel expense details from Concur and imported into Yardi. This allowed Yardi to print financial statements with Concur expenses in real time. A similar function was created for CoStar, where all information about a particular job in Yardi was transferred to CoStar. This allowed staff to instantly access all project data from CoStar. 

The Impact

  • Simplified profit & loss generation for each of the client’s nine divisions, giving management and the Board increased insight into performance
  • Increased accuracy of data and streamlined administrative processes by eliminating manual entries
  • Access to relevant information allowed for better decision-making at all levels