Success Stories


Help Desk Support

The Business Case

A property management firm in Toronto was managing over 100 multi-family residential buildings. This firm experienced internal difficulties making the most of their accounting software; due to improper training. The resulting confusion and inefficiencies were compounded by slow problem resolution. The client initially tried to resolve these issues on their own, but soon realized that they needed external expertise.

The Solution

Assetsoft established a help desk to offer customized assistance to users during business hours, which included troubleshooting software glitches, data fixes, software administration, and permission maintenance. This service enabled all staff members to immediately access expert guidance to resolve issues in using the software. Our expertise in the industry along with the understanding of the client’s business, we were able to make recommendations on best practices for business processes, such as how to perform daily bank reconciliations, create workflow for P2P, and perform complex inter-company transactions in a simple manner.

The Impact

  • 60% increase in client’s business process efficiency, freeing up time for value-added accounting analysis
  • Improved understanding of processes and practices among staff, and increased overall productivity
  • Improved staff morale and overall customer satisfaction