Success Stories


Data Warehouse

The Business Case

A client was managing billion dollar real estate investment funds in their portfolio. To manage the portfolio, they had to handle large and complex datasets related to the funds. These datasets were stored in multiple ERP systems, namely Concur, Yardi, Avid, CoStar, Navatar, and their own custom application. These silos of data made it difficult to gain a holistic understanding of overall fund performance. When running reports, the client had to run them in multiple applications and then use Excel to create combined reports. This manual reporting technique was time consuming and prone to errors, which made it difficult to assess performance in an intuitive way.

The Solution

Assetsoft created a central data warehouse, which aggregated information from all ERP systems and created a single user-friendly view of data. Therefore, staff were able to instantly access accurate company-wide information to run single view reports, minimizing miscommunication and dependencies on multiple systems. This solution standardized definition of common terms, allowing the creation of key performance indicators (KPI) reports to be uniform across departments and datasets. Using Tableau as the BI software, we were able to generate visual reports and dashboards, which greatly aided the analysis and monitoring of KPIs. 

The Impact 

  • Increased accuracy and quality of on-demand reports
  • Quick and easy understanding of the fund and company performance via visual KPI reports
  • Allowed access to get more accurate and uniform reports from multiple silos of datasets resulting in shorter and more effective board meetings
  • Increased staff productivity based on easy to interpret visual display of information