Success Stories


Business Process Training

The Business Case

A New-York based third party property manager was managing various residential and commercial buildings. This client experienced an unexpected level of staff turnover since their last ERP software purchase several years ago. As new employees were trained on the software by outgoing staff, only a few formally trained employees remained on the team over time. Thus, neither the client was able to use the software effectively nor was able to take full advantage of the purchased modules. In addition, due to an initial rushed implementation of the software, not all modules were implemented and the implemented modules were not following the industry’s best practices. Hence, the company was experiencing low productivity and errors in the application and reporting. 

The Solution

Assetsoft worked with the client’s staff to gauge their current knowledge levels and software usage practices. Key issues, such as an absence of a formal software training program and inappropriate use of the software were identified. With a better understanding of the client’s business processes and document flow, our team was able to formalize the current Business Process Model (BPM). Thereafter, we facilitated to identify and recommend best practices and process changes. Plus, we also implemented extensive staff training. 

The Impact

  • 80% increase in efficiency; monthly end processes, consolidation and reporting were possible in under 3 days instead of the previous 15 days
  • Fewer errors in accounting entries and reporting stemming from appropriate use of the software 
  • Generated higher return on investment by taking advantage of previously unused software modules
  • Improved business workflow by eliminating outdated and non-value-added processes