Success Stories


Energy Management Implementation

The Business Case

The client was managing a high-occupancy, multi-family residential building in a downtown location. Due to outdated systems and inefficient electricity use, the property had a low Energy Star score. The client wished to implement new energy management system that would provide real-time information needed to reduce electricity use in the building.

The Solution

Assetsoft began with an in-person assessment of the building and its existing systems, taking the time to understand current practices. New electricity meters were then installed, which allowed the client to access accurate real-time usage data. This installation was timed to coincide with the city’s meter replacement program in order to maximize savings for the client. In addition to the new metering systems, Assetsoft delivered daily dashboard-style graphical usage reports that helped analyze trends, which made it much simpler to identify inefficiencies. The new systems allowed the client to reduce costs and improve their environmental impact. 

The Impact

  • 15% reduction in electricity usage in the first year, resulting in nearly $100,000 in savings and an Energy Star score of 88 out of 100
  • Client retained greater proportion of rent revenue by reducing utility costs
  • Improved energy management, reduced wear and tear on building systems, and improved staff efficiency