Our Solutions

  • We tackle implementation of updated MRI Software

  • Assetsoft supports all MRI Software versions and assists with upgradation

  • Assetsoft is a leader in MRI Software Implementation and update services

  • With a vast experience of nearly a decade -- Assetsoft stands by to direct you with MRI Software updates

Your Challenges

  • Data migration can be a tedious task as it entails a whole Lot of information

  • When difficulties in various modules, you might not get required support to resolve issues

  • Deficiency of training can exhaust your time and effort

  • If you have previous versions of MRI Software (such as 4.5), support has been stopped by MRI Software

We Offer Top-notch Navigational Features

Explore some of the best and enhanced navigational Attributes wherein we help users to get to the right location, with enhanced blend of menu, history and search tracking.

We Provide Upgraded controls

It is time to explore Improved workflow, security and internal management attributes.

We Customize Layout

The New MRI Software has a user-friendly interface along with better efficiency and attributes.


Our Solutions

  • Our custom-made service version gets dedicated support team members on-board to assist you thoroughly

  • With huge training expertise, all your questions will be solved in specified time-frame.

  • Our Support and Help-desk team makes sure to design solutions which are cost-effective and best suitable for business

Your Challenges

  • Encountering run time error can be very disappointing

  • Initial training about a MRI Software while implementation is not enough

  • Open doubts and questions go awry during initial training

  • While business processes evolve and staffing changes, best practice and instruction is requisite

We Help Broad Perspective

Hassle-free accessibility, end-to-end support and help desk.

We Are Committed

You can easily reach out to your certified personnel through communication channels which are dedicated to your company and your team.


Our Solutions

  • We start off with understanding and assessing your business requirement for effective personalization of MRI Software

  • Our processes are user friendly and Easy to Comprehend

  • We are cost effective and deliver projects in time

  • We provide training after the implementation Of MRI software along with tie-ins like – Budgeting And Forecasting, Investment Accounting, etc.

Your Challenges

  • Learning the system may become a tedious task for the staff as well as for the management

  • Customization of areas as per your requirement definitely needs a professional guidance

  • Creation of reports as per your business needs

  • Testing period can become a crucial task too

We Supply Tailor-made Solutions

We boast several years of experience in the world of MRI Software, thus assisting you with tailor-made options.

We Boast Global Presence

Our presence can be felt across the Globe.

We Offer Personalized Service

Whatever your requirements may be -- security console, customize menu etc., we make certain to design it as per your requirement.

We are Present Throughout

We suggest end-to-end implementation services, which begins with a first workflow inspection to final system documentation.


Our Solutions

  • Export files to excel for ease of data utilization  

  • Customized screen for entering information

  • Customized Reports for better business analysis

  • Creation Of day to day regular reports

Your Challenges

  • Save valuable time of your staff while extracting critical information

  • Presentation made simple and same as the 'fixing' of report in Excel

  • Save immense time, which is consumed while analyzing the report

  • Get Much Better Visualization for current business situation

We're Knowledgeable

We are outfitted with Understanding of the industry trends, business and accounting, thus helping to come up with error-free reports.

We Are Adaptive

To enhance maximum ROI, we closely work together with your data. Furthermore, we study your workflow, to provide the best outcomes.        

We Are Experts

Team with utmost knowledge about the real estate industry and of MRI Software analytics and reports.

We Are Familiar with Advance Reporting Tools

We enhance MRI Software’s reporting tool and helps you to optimize it as per business requirement