Implementation/DATA Migration

Challenges You Face: How We Can Help:
  • Learning the system can become a tedious task for the staff as well as for the management
  • Customization of fields as per your requirement definitely needs an expert
  • Generation of reports as per your business needs
  • Testing phase can become a crucial task too
  • We start off with understanding and analyzing your business for effective customization of Yardi and MRI respectively
  • Our process is user-friendly and simple to understand
  • Communication is our forte and so Assetsoft’s staff is always ready to help
  • We follow tight schedules and deadlines
  • We provide training after the implementation of Yardi Voyager, MRI etc along with tie-ins like – Budgeting, Forecasting, Investment Management, etc.

We Provide Tailor-Made Solutions

With years of Yardi expertise, we can help you with several tailor-made solutions for your day-to-day operations.

We Boast Global Presence

Our presence can be felt worldwide – from North America, and Europe to APAC and Australia.

We Offer Personalized Service

Whatever your requirements might be – security controls, menu design, dashboard, etc., we design it as per your requirement.

We Are Present Throughout

We propose end-to-end implementation services, that starts with an initial workflow review to final system documentation.

Upgrading to Yardi Voyager 7S, MRI 10.5.3

Challenges You Face: How We Can Help:
  • Data migration can be a tedious task as it involves a lot of information
  • When problems in various modules arises, you might not get necessary support to solve issues
  • Lack of training can exhaust your time and effort
  • If you have previous versions of Yardi Voyager (including 6.0), then only critical bug fixes will be addressed
  • We undertake implementation of upgraded Yardi Voyager or MRI 10.5.1
  • Assetsoft supports all Yardi versions and helps with upgradation
  • Assetsoft is a leader in Yardi Voyager 7s, MRI Implementation and upgrade services
  • With a vast experience of nearly a century – Assetsoft stands by to lead you with Yardi Voyager 7s upgrade

We Offer Top-Notch Navigational Features

Explore some of the best and improved navigational features wherein we help users to get to the right place, with enhanced combination of menu, search and history tracking.

We Give Extensive Browser Support

We offer extensive browser support and device support complemented by single web share access to various modules.

We Provide Upgraded Controls

It’s time to explore enhanced workflow, SaaS compliance, security and internal control features.

We Customize Design

The new Yardi has an aesthetic look along with better efficacy and features.

Custom Report Writing

Challenges You Face: How We Can Help:
  • Save precious time of your staff while extracting critical information
  • Presentation made easy and so is the ‘fixing’ of report in Excel
  • Save immense time which is consumed while analyzing the reports
  • Get better visualization for current business scenario
  • Export files to Excel for ease of use
  • Customized screen for entering data
  • Customized 'one-to-many' data tables, hooks and triggers
  • Creation of day to day routine reports

We Are Knowledgeable

We are equipped with knowledge about the industry trends, business and accounting, thus helping to come up with error-free reports.

We Are Flexible

To enhance maximum ROI, we closely work with your data. Furthermore, we study your workflow, to deliver the best results.

We Are Experts

We boast an efficient team who has utmost knowledge about the real estate industry as well as of Yardi reports and analytics.

We Are Familiar with Advance Reporting Tools

We tackle the conversion from Crystal reports to SSRS report format with finesse.

Support and Help-Desk

Challenges You Face: How We Can Help:
  • Encountering run time error can be very disappointing
  • Initial training about the software while implementation is not enough
  • Open questions and doubts go unanswered during initial training
  • While business processes evolve and staffing changes, best practice and training is requisite
  • Our custom-made service model gets dedicated support team members onboard to help you thoroughly
  • With vast training experience, all your queries will be solved within given timeframe
  • Our support team makes sure to design solutions that are cost-effective and illustrate results immediatel
  • Our various service solutions are easy to set up, deploy and can be communicated through single point of contact with dedicated phone numbers, email and web portals

We Support Broad Perspective

Hassle-free accessibility, end-to-end support and help desk.

We Are Committed

You can easily reach out to your support personnel through communication channels that are dedicated
to your company and your team.

YARDI Customization

Why Assetsoft? Our Workflow
  • Assetsoft boasts abundant knowledge of Yardi Voyager. Our expertise is furthermore strengthened because we thoroughly understand the real estate scenario and property management business
  • Assetsoft plays pivotal role in adapting to Yardi Voyager furthermore helping to grow and meet the goals set by the company
  • Assetsoft boosts optimal functioning of your system as technology improves, portfolio expands, and Yardi adds product line and functionality
  • We start with collecting data of your business followed by system analysis wherein we evaluate your current and future business needs. We also examine the setup of your system and its ability to abide by those needs
  • After the initial review is concluded, Assetsoft proposes detailed guidelines for improvement
  • Once we have finalized buy-in from your organization’s stakeholders, then we deploy the recommended approach and changes

We Customize Workflow

The workflow can be modified while generating invoice, etc., or while undertaking any other specific business requirement.

We Modify Front End/Back End

Along with edited front end and back end we also provide add-on functionalities to optimize Yardi as per your business requirement.