Our Workflow

  • We start with collecting data of your business followed by system analysis wherein we evaluate your current and future business needs. We also examine the setup of your system and its ability to abide by those needs

  • After the initial review is concluded, Assetsoft proposes detailed guidelines for improvement

  • Once we have finalized buy-in from your organization’s stakeholders, then we deploy the recommended approach and changes

Why Assetsoft

  • Assetsoft boasts abundant knowledge of Yardi Voyager. Our expertise is furthermore strengthened because we thoroughly understand the real estate scenario and property management business

  • Assetsoft plays pivotal role in adapting to Yardi Voyager furthermore helping to grow and meet the goals set by the company

  • Assetsoft boosts optimal functioning of your system as technology improves, portfolio expands, and Yardi adds product line and functionality

We Customize Workflow

The workflow can be modified while generating invoice, etc., or while undertaking any other specific business requirement.

We Modify Front End/Back End

Along with edited front end and back end we also provide add-on functionalities to optimize Yardi as per your business requirement.

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