Proper forecasting is an integral part of any company. The ability to assess where you’re going and what you can achieve is vital for success. We offer basic budgeting and forecasting services, yet that’s not the full extent of our solutions.


At Assetsoft our main speciality is technological implementation for the latest innovations. Therefore, our data forecasting and predictive analysis services have a more advanced service. We can improve your forecasting accuracy with advanced AI scripting and algorithms.


Our AI data forecasting offers the perfect opportunity for your company to improve its technology integration. Our range of solutions are your best bet to gain the best competitive edge.


Technological Evolution for Your Company

Technology is always one of the best advantages in real estate. Our clients have many assets and properties to track, and it directly affects their service quality. Implementing the latest platforms brings better efficiency and customer satisfaction.


These benefits aren’t solely visible for your customers. Upgrading your technologies is vital to set goals and find places to improve.


Data forecasting is key for any company looking to grow. We’ve helped customers both plan and reach their objectives. Creating a strategy means more than assessing the steps towards your goal; you need to understand what these goals will bring.


AI scripting has many benefits for forecasting. In essence, forecasts come from historic patterns following similar conditions to your company’s current standing. Advanced scripting can translate those conditions into possible results instantly.

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What Our AI Services Mean for You

Our AI solutions have helped many companies improve their operations. That’s not solely tied to forecasting and predictive analysis. We can automate other tasks like testing, financial records, and more.


Sticking to forecasting, proper AI implementation means you can consider every variable and consequence that could arise during and after your strategy’s execution. In other words, you can monitor the full picture for better risk assessment and resource allocation.

Bringing Predictive Analysis to the Next Level

AI is revolutionizing many aspects of business and even the most basic processes. Our services let you take full advantage of your resources and assets. If you’re setting goals, you want to know whether or not they’re possible and—-more importantly—worth it.


Our AI forecasting solutions enable you to trust the best experts. Our AI scripts eliminate human error, and we can update them continuously with more important data to provide a more accurate forecast.

Powerful Business Intelligence Solutions for Your Needs

Whether you’re in real estate, healthcare, manufacturing or distribution, Assetsoft helps you make more sense of data. Our SAP expertise and business intelligence can get you to get ahead. Find out more about our custom data mining solutions, and how we help in data extractions, and meet your needs on data warehousing across all verticals and industries.

ERP Data Extraction

Business intelligence is now a proven driver of growth and expansion. However, you need a solid foundation to leverage your analytics and make sense of your data.

Assetsoft works with the latest data warehousing technologies to help you unify and run analytics on data from multiple sources. Along with that, business leaders often rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to make accurate forecasts.

- You can connect all your apps, no matter if it’s SAP or Netsuite. 

- Our team has experts in leading solutions like Azure Synapse Analytics to meet your business needs. 

We can help you build a solid data model and even suggest a business intelligence framework.

Additionally, we create the perfect architecture for deep data analysis to spot trends and patterns. Our data warehouse services extend to all industries, whether manufacturing, medicine, insurance, or distribution.

Custom Data Extraction – Tailored ETL Solutions

We assist business leaders in extracting and combining data from multiple sources. Data extraction worries? Don't worry. Our team helps you complete data extraction from several ERPs, apps like SAP, Netsuite, or Google Analytics.  

Streamline your work easily with our innovative approach - form a single database, data lake, or data warehouse to run advanced analytics. Best of all, you will never have to leave your interface to make sense of your data. 

- Get your information in your preferred format, even if your data is highly complex. 

- Our experts can allow you to gain complete control of your information.

Choose Assetsoft to leverage your data and drive meaningful business decisions. Connect your data today and gain deep insights to win a competitive edge.

Advanced Data Analytics

Business leaders need to make strategic decisions to achieve business success. The situation demands cutting-edge data analytics to predict the future accurately and improve operational efficiency. 

Let our team provide the consultation, technologies, and expertise to form solid business intelligence and drive big data analytics.

Our team excels at leveraging leading solutions like PowerBI and SAP to analyze data. 

We use intelligent approaches based on AI and ML to help you form meaningful insights. With our support, you can get better at forecasting and responding to changes quickly.

Contact us today to make the most of your data from ERPs, CRMs, and more. Get a custom solution to make better business decisions.

Bringing Business Intelligence to Varied Industries

Assetsoft is a full-scale business intelligence agency with expert data warehousing, extraction, and analytics services. We assist decision-makers in improving visibility and going beyond the apparent data.

Our team provides the solutions, technologies, and advice to make better and more strategic forecasts.

-  We work with clients across industries.

-  Rely on us for driving deep insights, whether you are in manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, insurance, or real estate.

-  Our team helps you make sense of even the most complex data, guided by AI and ML.

Get in touch with us to unify your data and leverage advanced analytics. We are ready to consider your project as a priority. 


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