Yardi is an extensible platform for property management and back office functions. It lets you centralize all of your data and processes in one platform, and it has different features to make your entire company more efficient. We provide comprehensive solutions for integrating the platform, migrating your data, and training your users.

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MRI provides one of the best software suites for property management in real estate today. It allows your company to track all its resources and data in a single system. In Assetsoft, we offer extensive services to help you implement it seamlessly. Starting with full implementation, you can request training, testing, data conversion, and any specific task you need.

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UiPath brings all the advantages of automation to the real estate industry. It’s easy to integrate with your property management software, and it works seamlessly with Excel sheets to help you export all the data with nothing but standard tools. In Assetsoft, we have plenty of experience working with UiPath. It’s one of the best solutions available if you want to integrate third-party automation features into your property management software.

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Assetsoft looks to implement the correct strategies partnered with Facilio to deliver on your automation needs. Gaining real time access on the status of certain equipment/appliances can be deemed beneficial for making timely decisions and alerting you to get the help that is needed without keeping you in the dark. Our team believes that with the guidance and integration of Facilio we can provide top class automation and IoT for your business. 

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Zoho can take your business forward seamlessly. Take a holistic approach to CRM management and get more sales. You can integrate several services together, whether you are looking for marketing, sales or customer service. Assetsoft can help you integrate Zoho into your business process, helping employees get more productivity, and better management along with in-depth insights that you need.

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Procore offers the ideal management suite for companies looking to streamline their projects. You can access a single hub from which you can keep track of all your projects simultaneously while enabling collaboration for your resources. Procore enables companies to center their entire project planning and execution around their blueprints and drawing. 

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The most popular Office product available is also part of our most requested services. It offers a versatile management and collaboration platform on the cloud that doesn’t sacrifice user experience and intuitiveness. It can also integrate with other apps and tools to let you leverage its functionality to its full potential. 

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Travelling is common for any company. You could offer travel vacations to your best resources, or they might be just for business. We know how important travel management is, regardless of why you need to plan one. Concur's solutions' can scan receipts, create budget, and book transportation and hotels in minutes. 

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Salesforce is one of the standards when it comes to CRM solutions. Our implementation, outsourcing, and support services are a great way to ensure a healthy business-customer relationship. You can segment and understand your audience better while employing a vast array of management and automation features. It also integrates with some of the largest apps in the market. 

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Assessing your building’s structural health is a challenge, to say the least. It’s not just complicated, but it also takes a lot of time and resources. QEA Tech is the ideal solution to outsource this process while keeping cost-efficiency and great results. 

Learn more about how you can use QEA Tech for drone auditing for your buildings, evaluating issues like insulation, and more.



Argus lets companies streamline active asset management while boosting its effectiveness. You have access to several advanced features to increase your company’s performance and overall profitability. It’s centered around administration, and it offers the ultimate financial-focused solution. 

Learn more about how you can use Argus to record transactions, fees, and reports, as well as manage your assets, tenants, and agreements. 



Data gathering and management is one of the main priorities in today’s market. Qlik is an effective and intuitive way to assess data relationships between sources, and we can ensure you can access this data without any effort. It’s the perfect way to streamline decision making thanks to having all the information you need in a single platform. 

Learn more about how Qlik reveals unique insight into trends, while enabling team collaboration within its cloud-hosted platform.