In Assetsoft, our main goal is to make sure our clients have access to the latest software available for real estate firms. That ranges from standard ERP platforms to additional systems that can aid them boost their performance and profitability. 


Qlik is one of these platforms. It’s a business intelligence system that enables companies to create analytic apps with their own data and information. We can help you migrate the relevant information to the platform to leverage its features to their full potential. 


Qlik comes with an associative indexing engine for your data. This advanced functionality isn’t too common in the market, yet it can yield noticeable advantage to users. You can use it to find patterns and trends you wouldn’t notice otherwise. 

Reap the Benefits of Data Gathering 

Qlik allows firms to discover data relationships throughout different sources. Our Qlik solutions help you access all the data you need with minimum effort. The system is perfect for centralizing relevant data to boost the decision-making process. 


Proper implementation goes beyond merely installing the platform and accessing its dashboard. You need to consider many variables, especially considering Qlik’s uniqueness. It separates from traditional platforms in that it’s a lot more detailed when revealing trends and connections.     


We guarantee you can take advantage of everything Qlik has to offer. From its data assessment to remote team collaboration functionality. We aid your business strengthen its decisions and access to insight to boost your productivity.     


Regardless of your company’s size, Qlik can adapt to your needs thanks to its comprehensive suite of features.                

Team Collaboration 

Today, collaboration features are standard for any modern software. Thankfully, Qlik isn’t the exception. It supports data insight sharing across multiple users. Once shared, users can review and discuss the information in real-time. 


For sharing, you also have several options. You can share the cloud file, but you can also use your enterprise’s servers. If you want to make the data readily accessible, you can also set up permissions and parameters accordingly. 

Complete Data Control 

One of the main advantages we’ve found with Qlik is that users are completely in charge of how they access the data. You can create data-driven pathways to the data you need. Analysis and guided paths are completely personalized, too. 


Your discoveries are deeply customizable, so you can control how your staff uses the platform. Employees don’t have to worry about making mistakes thanks to insight development guidance. Besides our onboarding, Qlik provides instructions for everything they can do.                 

Premium Security 

Property management is a very delicate responsibility. Not only do you need to have all the data readily available, but you also have to ensure no one else can access more than what they need. 


Qlik has all the security features you need to prevent leaks and other attacks. We can help you handle your user permissions. Every user should only have access to the information they need for the tasks at hand. You can also monitor all user dashboards in the environment.                              

Consistent Reports

You can set up how you want to receive and view your reports. Firstly, it’s filled with various templates to provide more accurate and straightforward reports. 


Even better, you can export all reports into Office documents if you wish to keep or share copies. You can also print your reports from Qlik. Generating business and custom reports and reviews is seamless. 


Discovery & Searching 

Qlik implements a natural search approach. This method is perfect if you keep complex information. The feature lets users access all the data they need to speed up resource assessment and other tasks. 

The system also supports both default and custom connectors. We can install the ones you need depending on the other platforms you use. Supported systems include Teradata and Salesforce.           

Therefore, Qlik is optimal in virtually every scenario where analytics are vital. Our Qlik implementation solutions have helped local and global businesses alike: from reduced portfolios to big data.                                      

Software Versatility

One of the reasons why we recommend Qlik is how flexible it is when compared to similar, more traditional solutions. Qlik provides all the tools necessary to develop entire workspaces around the company’s data. 


It supports scripting for custom app development and a workbench with developer tools. If you lack the knowledge to use these features, we can take care of them as well. You don’t need to hire a dedicated department to leverage all of Qlik’s advantages. 


Furthermore, Qlik’s open API allows for plenty of integrations to boost its functionality and effectiveness.                                                                              

What Can You Access With Our Solutions?

We don’t solely implement Qlik into your company’s systems. Our main goal is to ensure you can use Qlik to its full potential. That means making data flow work seamlessly regardless of the system it’s connected to. 


We integrate the standard and custom connectors to enable its open database connectivity functionality. Qlik is an open API software that lets it integrate seamlessly into any ecosystem you need to run. Therefore, you can reduce the number of apps you use to keep track of your processes and relevant data.   


Advanced features include customizable deployment via developer tools. Our expert teams grant you access to these specialized aspects that would otherwise cost too much to implement.   


You’re free to tell us your preferred approach: whether accessing the cloud or buying a limited token license. We can also combine the two if you want more versatility.      

Data report

Data Assessment 

Qlik focuses on data review and reporting. You can visualize all the data you need from its intuitive dashboard. You can access dynamic apps and analytics via its natural search, and its reports are great for discussions and record-keeping. 

Finger highlighting business goals

Operational Efficiency 

Having direct and immediate access to all the information you need at all times does wonders for decision making. Our solutions ensure your Qlik dashboard is exactly what your company requires. 

Office desk with papers, keyboard and phone

Setup & Onboarding 

Our services cover all the implementation stages. We can set up the default package, develop custom connections for better integrations, and configure user account and permissions. 


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