IoT within the real estate industry is promising as it provides predictive methods of maintenance, increased energy efficiency, and automation within buildings. IoT is an industry that will help improve lives and assist people in creating a better environment within their homes and workplace.

Assetsoft looks to help companies integrate means of automation within buildings for businesses and companies that want a sense of automation and means of remote monitoring. With the proper system integration, we can ensure that your utilization of resources becomes more efficient – ensuring that your firm incurs a lower cost and can predict future outcomes.


Automation Has Endless Abilities

With the installation of sensors within your property, with a proper bridge the information can be relayed through the internet to the convenience of your smartphone. This can ensure that business owners of all calibers can keep track of their daily energy usage, water consumption and even what components need to be repaired or even replaced. 

These are the main aspects of IoT within Real Estate that Assetsoft strives innovate and maintain for the long run.

Digital Thermostat
Colourful Gears

Automation is the pathway to the future and is the current endeavor of many businesses. With our guidance we will ensure that the right methods to take on when it comes to implementing the proper system for you. Making the correct choices while staying within the means of a budget will be useful to all aspects within your business and properties, helping you keep track of the maintenance that needs to be done.

Assetsoft can help integrate such a system to your properties to drive the sales of your homes, or even give workers information on what needs to be done through automation remotely. At Assetsoft it is our duty to ensure that any innovative technology that our clients take on is done so through the trust and expertise of our consults. Our goal is to support your business no matter what systems you may use, whether it is legacy or modern – we take on all of them.

Through the use of our partner Facilio we can cater to your IoT needs by making the correct choices. Assetsoft strives to be the forerunner of innovation and we will do so with the practice of IoT within real estate.


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