Real estate management is not easy. We’ve seen companies having to micromanage every lease agreement, resource, and process manually. That’s even true for firms implementing the latest management software, like MRI and Yardi.  


Modern platforms allow you to make your company a lot more efficient. Our services include full automation for many of the most tedious and time-consuming processes. We can help you streamline testing, financial transactions, and other operations.  


In Assetsoft, we have plenty of experience working with UiPath. It’s one of the best solutions available if you want to integrate third-party automation features into your property management software.  


Harnessing the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

UiPath is one of the leaders for process automation. They’re famous around the world thanks to how they’ve made this technology available for countless companies, and we can help you take full advantage of all their features.  


UiPath brings all the advantages of automation to the real estate industry. It’s easy to integrate with your property management software, and it works seamlessly with Excel sheets to help you export all the data with nothing but standard tools.  

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Assetsoft's Services 
for UiPath

UiPath integration is one of the many services available with Assetsoft. We can help you make full use of UiPath’s scripts and features. Are you looking for something specific? We can help. We will work with you to understand your business needs before proposing our solution.   


Our solutions cover the entire integration process for UiPath into your property management platform. We develop our own scripts according to your company’s objectives and situation. We can also provide active support to your company to ensure any possible issue resolves quickly.  


Just tell us what you need to get started. We will work with you to understand your current business process and identify optimal solutions suited to your business needs. Then, we will ensure that everything works just as you expect it to.   

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