IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an excellent addition for making tenants' lives easier. Everyone has doubts, especially with complicated contracts and clauses. That means clarification is a common request for any landlord. IVR lets everyone create a straightforward - but very helpful - way for tenants to resolve their doubts about agreement clauses, contract terms, request abstracts and audits, and more.

IVR allows landlords and property managers to cut down resources and time in scheduling, screening, and reaching prospective tenants. Additionally, it also helps meet the current tenant needs. There are indeed numerous web platforms to enable your tenants to get in touch with you.


Advantages of IVR in Tenant Service 

Speed & Efficiency

The IVR can handle multiple calls within a short duration, with no room for manual errors or miscommunication. 

So, sticking to the old methods will only make you look obsolete and less likeable. IVR brings all the routine work into one platform, thereby reducing confusion and redundancy in operation.

Better Revenue 

Since the overall time and operational cost in handling the tenant reduces, it becomes plausible to improve ROI. You can also avoid hiring a larger team for taking the inbound calls from the tenants.

Raising cost of human capital does not allow for hiring a bigger team. Thus, by incorporating IVR, you can curb this growing expense.

Communication Efficiency

A manager must go through manuals, documents, and other databases to offer the tenants the right information. Tenants could have unique questions about the outlet's specifications, problems with the heater, and so on.


IVR allows them to gain instant information about various elements with no hassle. Since the IVR routes the call to the right resource with required skills, it becomes easier to improve tenant satisfaction.

The property management industry is adapting to IVR, as we speak. The IVR solution automates several processes and decreases the overall challenge of daily operations. Since IVR is typical among large enterprises, you can use it to improve brand credibility. Are you ready to try it out yet?



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