In Assetsoft, we’ve helped dozens of clients implement Procore into their operations. We enable them to manage their construction projects from any device. The platform lets users access their management hub from anywhere. 


This unified solution lets companies keep track of their data. At the same time, you can improve your operations’ efficiency. It allows for critical insight into your processes to improve decision making and forecasting. We can set up your Procore hub for apartments, residential areas, office buildings, industrial construction, and more. 


Our Procore services are the ideal way to harness all of its features. If you’re interested in using the system, feel free to refer to our software services. We also offer consultations, offshore help desks, and data conversion. 


What Can You Do With Procore?

Procore is a management suite with several features to help you streamline projects. In essence, it lets you monitor and review all operations within the platform. You can set up user access for collaboration. These users can access their dashboard from desktop and mobile devices. 


One of the main attractions for Procore is that it’s centered around drawings. You can mark and attach drawings and their relevant documents. However, that’s not everything. Procore also supports many integrations thanks to its open API. We can also help you integrate additional tools into Procore.    


Procore lets you register all the users you need with no extra cost. We can help your resources learn how to access and use the platform, as well as provide setup services.                                           

Procore lets you create a complete collaborative space. All members work in real-time with perfect synchronization. Procore frees you from having to update databases manually and notifying your team about every addition or change. 

Additionally, Procore comes with a bidding feature. It lets you receive and compare bids from multiple vendors. You’re then free to choose the best one for your needs. That extends to your budget, which is easy to track and update with Procore.         

Mobile Access

Naturally, the desktop app is the optimal Procore experience. However, its mobile iterations don’t fall too far behind. 


Procore has its own iOS and Android apps, and they sync perfectly with your management hub. You don’t even need an active internet connection to access the project plans and files. Users can log into their interface without an internet connection, as Procore syncs any change once online. 


The apps also let your users access the information they need while working in the field. There’s no need to bring documents or contact management for the information they need. 


As mentioned, Procore begins and ends with project drawings. You can submit your plans and blueprints along with all the files related to the project. All relevant information attaches to the drawings: photos, submittals, RFIs, contracts, and more.   


All users have full-time access to these drawings and files. There’s also no problem if you want to restrict access for some of your users. We can set up user access tailored to your needs.   


You can create and clear punch lists as you require. Procore also removes the need for reworking documents since everything updates in real-time. It’s also more efficient since you don’t need to search for certain files every time you need.   


Procore is an open API platform. We can help you integrate other software into your suite: reports, scheduling, accounting tools, and more. You can also grow your Procore hub together with your company.  


The basic package includes the Procore dashboard; it lets you track all relevant project items, and it even notifies you about possible problems. There’s a project directory, which is basically your data storage; this handles access permissions for vendors and teams.  


Most importantly, Procore integrates the Sage 300 CRE system seamlessly. You can leverage this platform to manage your projects and financial processes from your Procore dashboard.  

Building Being Drawn

Remote Access

Procore’s perspective won’t change with the location and device of the user. This feature enables teams to work seamlessly, even if they’re miles away. You can communicate effectively with on-site teams while staying in the main office, regardless of the distance.  


The same is true for information access and real-time updating. We help your company streamline teamwork by letting your resources find the files they need at all times. Relocating for work won’t be necessary anymore.          


The project directory and email tracking also enables easier communication. You can also schedule your projects according to your budget.                                

What Can You Do With Procore?

Our Procore services let your company access one of the most powerful construction support software on the market. All of its features result in easier and more effective management and operations. 


We can help you with all the steps of the implementation process. In the end, that means making your company a lot more competitive. Your competitive edge goes beyond merely finding more clients and contracts than other firms. 


Making your operations more cost-effective and productive means you can accomplish more with fewer resources. Procore’s advantages manifest in two main areas. 


The most important benefit from proper Procore implementation is efficiency. Your operations and projects are a lot faster and productive. You can ensure your projects don’t disrupt your budget. 


Additionally, features like real-time synchronization and communication streamlining make your teams perform much better. You can provide them all the resources they need: information, schedules, and support. 


Project managers don’t need to move to the site, either. They can stay in the main office or anywhere else you need them to be. That results in lower costs for logistics and transportation. 

Easier Management 

Finally, our Procore services also make your life a lot easier. You can keep track of all projects from a single hub. As such, there’s no need to fumble around with assorted documents around your office. 


Procore’s warning and communication features let you troubleshoot any mishap that might occur during the construction process. It also lets you forecast possible risks down the line. 


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