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Onboarding MRI Software 

Upgrading or changing ERP systems isn't rare for clients. Better software release, or existing legacy software stops being supported by the software vendor. At Assetsoft, we make the process straightforward for our client thanks to our simple 5 steps process.

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IVR in Property Management 

We provide Interactive Voice Response solutions for our clients. Interactive responses streamline phone support for tenants with doubts and queries. Landlords can provide efficient clarifications for their tenants without having to invest their time and resources.

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Outsourced CAM Reconciliation Services 

CAM clauses are vital for the relationship between tenant and landlord. Adhering to CAM responsibilities ensures benefits for all parties. Tenants can enjoy attractive common areas for their customers while landlords reduce their maintenance costs. Proper reconciliation is vital to make sure all parties are responsible for their expenses.

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LeaSE Audit 

Our services include auditing lease information, which is vital when upgrading your company’s systems. We helped a client verify all the data from their legacy system migrated effectively into the new one. We compared all the data in the new platform with the legacy one and provided a detailed report for reviewing.

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Lease Abstraction 

A Canadian property management company required verification for data related to newly-acquired properties. We sorted through hundreds of documents to extract the information needed for this data migration. Our service enabled our client to verify the new documents seamlessly.

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Disaster Recovery Planning 

A global company used Yardi to manage over 400 properties with 1,500 users. Disaster recovery protocols went through regular testing, yet it was an inefficient process due to manual operation. We developed automation scripts for the exercises using UiPath for Yardi, and our client saw their testing time reduced to a fraction of the original duration.

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Application Support MRI Helpdesk 

An Australian property management and development company used MRI for their operations. The amount of users required an expert support help desk available full-time. Due to budget restrictions, we were hired to set up an offshore solution. They received dedicated expert resources for a fraction of what would cost to acquire them directly.



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