Whether it’s for surveying a property or capturing footage from new heights, autonomous drones are part of a subset of technology that will assist humans in the future. Drones are around today to do the very same thing, but this number will multiply exponentially in years to come. When it comes to inspecting large properties for clients with a huge number of units, going through each one to ensure that they are in pristine condition can become time consuming. However, with the implementation of drones, we can see a significant efficiency increase in the entire process.

This is why here at Assetsoft we prioritize researching tech that will engage in the most innovative and advanced processes that will help shape the future. Drone technology has proven that it is here to stay by being used in multiple industries. 


Autonomous Drones Can Be Used In Many Ways

Thermal Imaging

Autonomous drones can be used in several ways within the real estate industry. When analyzing the effectives of insulation within a building, thermal imaging is used to observe where heat is being retained and lost within properties. The same can be done on a high-rise building but would take a longer duration to do so within the entire layout. With drones coming into play, we can attach a thermal camera that would complete the job within a shorter time frame, analyzing multiple sections of the property to quickly pinpoint where the care is required.

Always Looking for Innovative Solutions

The automation of a drone system can be monumental with inspection of properties. Putting an entire blueprint of multiple units within the same property into the mind of the drone can bring complete automation within this industry. Assetsoft looks to pioneer such technology by partnering with the appropriate firms to deliver on this idea.

Imagine surveying a larger property with more than 100 units with the help of a drone to relay data to help pinpoint which units need more attention. AI programs can be installed to interact with RFID tags to tell the user even which appliances need repair or replacement.

Having the ability to remotely survey and analyze an entire building with hundreds of units is the wave of the future – that of which Assetsoft intends to strive forward in. With the right partners Assetsoft will take on the journey of developing software for autonomous drones, to help you no matter what your property needs.


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