In Assetsoft, our main value is technologic improvement. Our services focus on helping you implement the latest innovations. We provide services on all steps of implementation: installation, training, support, offshore operations, and more.


Chances are your company places a significant budget on software acquisition. Many of our clients do so, and we actively encourage. Modern systems translate into better operations and advantages over your competition.


However, just upgrading your platform isn’t always enough. You might be using the latest systems in the market. The real question is: how much advantage are you really getting from them?


Why Digital Adoption Should Be A Goal

We understand many companies might still be hesitant about digital adoption. If you’ve run your firm successfully using traditional methods, it’s understandable not to see what’s all the rage about software integration.


We can assure you that you could be doing much better if that’s your case. We’re not saying a hands-on approach is bad. It’s the foundation for innovation. However, digital adoption isn’t really giving up on your current methods. It means making them a lot more effective.


Complete digital adoption means taking complete advantage of your digital assets. You could be using the same technology as your competitors. We can help you gain an edge over them, ensuring you’re getting more value from it than the competition.

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What We Can Do For You

Our solutions cover everything you need to implement new technologies for your company. Our services include installation, configuration, data conversion, training, and more. However, we know that your main focus is what advantages we can bring for your company.


Professional data adoption is a benefit by itself. It lets you get “your money’s worth” for the platform you’re using.


That said, our services provide several other benefits you shouldn’t overlook.

Competitive Edge 

Implementing the latest technologies means getting ahead of your competitors. However, digital adoption lets you squeeze all the value from said technologies. In other words, the advantage grows even more.


Furthermore, you could be using the same platform as your competition. That’s common these days, with the best platforms like MRI or Yardi becoming standard. Using these platforms better than your competitors means you can stay ahead even with similar investments.

Professional Support 

Our services also include full-time offshore help desk support for your platform. We implement support via email, phone, and live chat for your company. Both company resources and customers might face issues understanding your company’s new systems.


Even after successful installation, other issues could arise because of the platforms’ complexity. Our professional help desk solutions ensure your users and customers have no issues understanding how to leverage your new technological implementations.

One of the main challenges for digital adoption is how complicated it can be to use new systems. We provide active training and user testing solutions for our clients. You’re free to tell us which issues you’re currently facing, and we’ll focus on the most problematic tasks.


We’ll also accommodate the platform to your needs. You can ensure your users can report all their doubts and issues with the platform. We take note of the most complex processes and adapt our training to these needs.

Training & Onboarding

Process Optimization

One thing is to use your ERP platform to manage your processes and properties. A completely different strategy is to use the same platform to automate tasks and centralize all your company data.


In other words, digital adoption enables you to get more utility from the software you’ve been using so far. Furthermore, you could even realize you don’t need as many systems as you need.


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