When it comes to evaluating the efficiency of your property, one of the key aspects to consider is where you are losing out on energy. Having a property that has a perfect output and no energy lost is something that property owners strive for. The energy efficiency industry is one that requires a lot of data analysis, research and time.  A house can be energy efficient through the means of having airtight spaces where no heat is lost, having ‘Energy Star’ certified equipment running on the premises, automated lighting and appliances, along with having proper insulation installed.                              


Assetsoft has currently partnered with Quantifiable Energy Audit Tech (QEA) to run our energy audits for clients. With the use of drones, AI, and thermal camera technology, QEA is capable of running an entire building analysis of even skyscrapers to pinpoint the location of heat being lost on the exterior of the property.


The team then takes the images and processes them on their system, which then runs an analysis on the areas that need to be fixed. The system ranks the problem areas so that the client can determine the priority of where to start, along with the projected ROI after the cost of repairs.

The clients will have full access to the drone images after the report is built so that they can save them on their independent drive. Quantifying the amount of energy that is lost within a property can open the eyes of property owners when they are paying the annual or even monthly fees on their property.

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Drone on the Ground
Person Analyzing Data Report on Computer

With the assistance of Assetsoft and QEA, a property owner can realize their losses and implement the proper changes to ensure that the building is completely energy efficient. QEA can also identify liabilities within your building such as ice accumulation and crack or leak detection, as well as inspecting the roof, window frames and even solar panels. 

Assetsoft and QEA are the pair that you need for your energy evaluative purposes. We are happy to help and offer a free consultation on these services.


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