Evaluating the structural status of your property is a lengthy process. You need to hire the necessary resources and relocate them. Even if you already have a department, you still need to invest days and weeks depending on the size of the building. 


QEA Tech lets you reduce this time investment greatly. It implements advanced drone auditing technology to ensure you know what’s going on at all times. 


Minimize Insulation Problems in Buildings

Energy loss is one of the largest money sinks right now. You can have the most efficient temperature system, and it could be a disadvantage instead of a benefit. Insulation problems cause more than just discomfort. 


Cooling and heating systems need to work harder to maintain room temperature with improper insulation. That means a lot more energy expense. 

Energy Loss

Building envelopes are among the most common ways to lose money. The worst part is that it’s easy to solve, especially with today’s technology. We help your company leverage QEA Tech to find these structural faults and fix them immediately. This approach also lets you remove other costly problems that come from poor insulation. 

Air Quality 

Indoor air quality is vital to make your personnel and visitors feel comfortable. You must ensure your indoor air is clean for everyone. Unfortunately, insulation issues can tarnish all of these efforts. If you leave them unattended, you could be risking respiratory complications for your employees. 

HVAC & Airflow 

HVAC is a huge investment for companies on many fronts. It’s necessary to ensure your spaces feel comfortable. However, it also plays a key role to help your buildings keep a healthy airflow. It’s indispensable to keep allergies and other issues at bay. With today’s healthcare measures, proper HVAC should be a priority. 


Finally, moisture damage can cause a wide range of health and structural complications. For your workers, you want to keep moisture at bay to prevent health complications like allergies. However, moisture can also cause long-term complications to your equipment and hardware. We’ve seen companies ignore this issue to costly repercussions down the line. 

Accurate & Modern Building Audits 

One of the main problems with traditional building assessment methods is their disruption. They take up space and time. During that period, you can also expect noise and other distractions in the workplace. 


For their disruption, traditional methods are needlessly expensive as well. Solutions like QEA Tech are much more cost-efficient when you consider how quickly and accurate they can be. At the same time, it lets you go on with your day as usual.   


Our QEA Tech software assistance enables your company to leverage an easier, faster, and more eco-friendly solution. Using drones for building audits guarantees accuracy and safety while yielding faster results.    

Drone Hovering Over Building

Insulation Assessment 

Drone audits let you keep track of any issues your building’s insulation might have. That can range from inherent structural problems due to poor construction to deterioration over time. You can evaluate insulation on your doors, windows, and their frames.  

Tablet Zooming In On Building Floor Map

Structural Damage 

Naturally, you can also receive in-depth data on your buildings’ condition. You can inspect every wall and roof for cracks and other damage. Drones can audit more complicated issues like ice accumulation and exhaust duct clogging. Even structural joints can make it into these reports. 

Seamless Drone Audits

QEA Tech works via drone audits, as we already mentioned. We help you leverage this solution, helping you set up and run your dashboard and related software. Once your system is ready to go, you can take advantage of a straightforward building evaluation method. 


These audits mostly take place in a few steps. It needs minimal intervention from you while providing better insight a lot more effectively.            


The first step for QEA Tech audits is to get the drones to the site. Your company doesn’t have to do anything at this stage other than request the inspection. Drones follow a predetermined route surrounding your properties and capturing images of all the important areas. 


The next step is to create a 3D model of your building using specialized software. Drones take thousands of pictures, and these help make the model a lot more accurate. 3D modeling software allows QEA Tech to gain quantifiable insight into your building. 


The last step of the audit itself is to provide you with your property’s envelope health report. Users have access to this report anytime they want. It’s available via a cloud-based user interface, where you can find all the reports you need. 

Taking Action

The last step is when you actually need to do something. We can also help you assess the best approach and solutions to solve your building’s damage and problems. We can help you budget all of the necessary tasks and resources to optimize your operations. 

Reap the Benefits of QEA Tech 

The main advantage of implementing QEA Tech is information. Their audits allow you to gain actionable insight into your buildings’ conditions and current issues. The main problem with building envelope complications is that they’re hard to notice. 


If you can notice these problems, it’s already too late. Your QEA Tech software lets you access real-time data on your properties. All of this data allows you to make the right decisions before consequences come into play.      

Full-Time Access to High Resolution Images

QEA Tech takes countless pictures for every audited building. These images are vital for modelling your building, but they’re also available for you. You can access this image database anytime you need via your QEA Tech dashboard. 

Intuitive User Dashboard 

All QEA Tech clients receive their dedicated dashboard and cloud space to store their reports and images. We can help you set up and provide support for this platform. The system gives you access to health reports and thermographic images of every area of your structures. 

Versatile Solution 

QEA Tech works for virtually every industry in the market. As long as you want to keep track of your structures’ health, you can leverage their solutions. You can also request specialized services depending on your needs. 

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