Facilio is a property operations & maintenance (O&M) platform that aggregates operational information across the portfolio enabling property owners and operators to automate maintenance, optimize real-time building performance, and control portfolio operations—all from one place.

Modern property teams need real-time and portfolio-level visibility to drive efficient operations. Facilio’s cloud platform enables building and portfolio stakeholders with the agility to operate and make data-driven O&M decisions through its “single pane of glass” interface. It offers a suite of cloud-native O&M applications to: 

●  Digitize and automate maintenance (preventive, reactive, corrective, condition-based, and predictive)

●  Orchestrate and automate any custom O&M workflows including 3rd party maintenance, approvals, and vendor management (workflow automation, service portals)  

●  Improve asset lifecycle through remote monitoring and control of spaces, systems, and equipment

●  Establish transparency with end clients (tenant portals) and seamlessly introduce new services focused on sustainability, occupant safety, comfort control, and wellness  

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Data performance

A New Era of Property Operations: The Future is Unifying Data for Real-Time Operational Intelligence

The property operations & maintenance (O&M) landscape today is extremely complex and fragmented in terms of data, applications, and services. As a result, valuable data and the resulting insights are often locked away or not readily accessible for the O&M teams. This bottleneck, along with the lack of integration between applications, means O&M teams lack real-time visibility into their operations and their processes tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Facilio recognizes that managing large real estate portfolios effectively requires a comprehensive approach to the complex O&M landscape. Facilio’s product and vision are built around a strong data-driven approach that is transformative for the property O&M industry.

Get a complete operational picture...

...of the entire portfolio. Centrally aggregate all your operational info and make data-led operational and fiscal decisions across the portfolio

Improve engagement and satisfaction for tenants...

...by enabling multiple touch-points and seamless experiences. Differentiate properties through enhanced health & comfort, and uninterrupted services

Improved response time and operational efficiency...

...Enable faster turnaround for on-demand tenant requests, up-skilled workforce, and productivity through contextual mobile apps

Improved asset lifecycle and sustainability performance...

...Quickly identify and resolve inefficiencies, benchmark energy usage across the portfolio, and control performance for reduced downtime and operating cost

The Facilio Approach for Portfolio Intelligence

Built for Multiple Stakeholder Values

Unlock value for all your key property stakeholders—owners, operators, tenants, contractors—in one place 

Seamless IoT-Based Operability, Extensible Integration

Our IoT-based integration model is fully hardware-agnostic and augments your existing buildings systems and tech stack

Fully Customizable Platform

Seamlessly accommodate all your existing and new ops workflows

100% Cloud-Based

Designed for centralized deployment and to handle multiple facilities 

Faster Time-to-Value

Quick onboarding and deployment to become live-ready within a span of few weeks (as opposed to months)

Reliable and Fully Secure    

Your building data is always safe. Everything you do with the platform is fully encrypted and accessed over the internet

How can we help you use Facilio?

Assetsoft looks to implement the correct strategies partnered with Facilio to deliver on your automation needs. Gaining real-time access to the status of certain equipment/appliances can be deemed beneficial for making timely decisions and alerting you to get the help that is needed without keeping you in the dark.


We take pride in designing and establishing a proper system for you to utilize in all aspects of your property needs. By diversifying ourselves to assist in all real estate sectors, we believe that with the guidance and implementation of Facilio we can provide top-class automation and IoT for your business. 


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