Office 365 is one of the most popular Office products in the market. After years working with this platform, we can say it has enough reasons to be that way. We’ve helped dozens of clients implement and manage Office 365 with multiple solutions. 


Our services range from full implementation to onboarding and offshore support. Our only goal is to ensure your company is at the forefront of real estate technology. 

Office 365 is a great step in that direction. It comes with all the features you need to centralize your administration efforts. 


What Do Our Services Do For You? 

Technically, anyone can install and set up Office 365 by themselves. It’s not too complicated in essence, but that’s a good way to avoid harnessing many of its advantages.    


Our solutions go beyond mere implementation. We can help you integrate and run Office 365 depending on your needs. That goes from installation to user setup and data conversion.    

In Assetsoft, we ensure you’re not just integrating a system. We help you get the system you need.    


Office 365 is very versatile from the get-go. Once we’ve installed the platform, you can run many of your administrative processes from it. One of the main advantages of Office 365 is how it integrates with other programs. We help you add all the features you need, even if they’re not in the original Office 365 package.   

Perfect Uptime 

Office 365 works entirely on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing important information. Firstly, it’s readily available for all users whenever they access their dashboard. Office 365’s cloud is also incredibly stable and safe. We can also help you keep file copies just in case, yet we have never experienced a problem related to the platform’s stability.   

Easy User Access

Users don’t have to log into their accounts every time they need to use Office 365. The system works with an SSO (single sign-on) process. That means you’re set forever after using Office 365 once from your device. Furthermore, Office 365 grants access to all the apps you need right away. You don’t have to sign into different software if you want to get to work on something new.   


Office 365 has all the measures you need to keep your data, users, and privacy safe. The system employs integrated security practices, like letting you monitor who has access to which data at all times. We can set up different permissions for every user individually. That means your teams won’t have access to data that’s not strictly relevant for their tasks. Finally, we can also help you wipe data from devices that get stolen or lost.   


Office 365 has several apps to ensure your company organizes seamlessly. You can use its email and calendar features to keep track of all your responsibilities and contacts. It also takes minutes to monitor everything. You can access your account from your phone or PC and continue from where you left off.   

Real-Time Collaboration 

Office 365 lets different teams collaborate seamlessly within its cloud environment. You can enable your users to work together in the different apps within the Office 365 hub. They can add, edit, and even remove pertinent files depending on your company’s needs. The system saves all changes automatically with real-time syncing. That doesn’t mean you risk losing important files—far from it. We can help you revert to any previous iteration if you need.    


The suite offers several options and solutions according to your needs. We can help you set up the right apps for your company to avoid overstuffing. It also works with many devices regardless of location. All users can access their accounts from different devices, wherever they are. We can also set up each user depending on your operational needs.   

Professional Support 

Office 365 comes with exceptional support and uptime guarantees. The platform works from multiple data centers. These centers employ measures like geo-redundancy, disaster protocols, and privacy security. If you need help desk support, we can also set up a professional offshore solution for your company. 

Licensing Ease 

Using Office apps usually requires licenses depending on the software you’re using. Luckily, Office 365 already covers licensing for all the apps included in the package. We ensure your entire company runs on the same Office version to ensure perfect syncing and collaboration. It also means all users receive the same updates automatically.   

Remote Work

Finally, Office 365 frees users from having to relocate to work. They can access their dashboard from home or anywhere else. With today’s health precautions, being able to work remotely is vital. You can ensure your teams stay safe while still working towards your company’s goals.   

Avoid the Common Disadvantages

As good as Office 365 is, there are a couple of obstacles some companies run into. Several of our clients asked for our services because they encountered these issues. 


We help your company implement Office 365 seamlessly. You won’t have to worry about sorting through these disadvantages. The main problem is that these problems arise from improper implementation practices. That’s why we offer professional services.   


A common problem for companies is a lack of compatibility between their hardware and the desired software. You need to make sure your equipment and OS can handle Office 365. Luckily, we can help you find the right versions to ensure Office 365, and other platforms, run seamlessly in your company. 

Application Saturation 

Another problem with Office 365 is having more apps than you need. That’s often due to lack of versatility from the company or implementation service. We guarantee all apps from your Office 365 package find a problem to solve. We do that via consulting and process evaluation. 

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