Both small and large businesses require specific management software. Latest innovations in the Software as a Service industry have bred many advantages for real estate companies. However, implementing these platforms means little if done improperly.


Microsoft’s Office 365 helps companies streamline their management and administration efforts. It comes with many advanced features to provide a central database. This database keeps information and data readily available for reference.


In Assetsoft, we provide your company with premium support for Office 365. We can help you implement and harness all the advantages of this software. We also provide training, on-boarding, and help desk support.


Cloud-Based Business Administration

A vital aspect of Office 365 is that it works on the cloud. That means you only need internet access to use it. In these times, where remote work has become standard, you can’t overlook this benefit.


Furthermore, you don’t need a desktop computer to access your database. Office 365 works with many compatible devices, including mobile devices. That means you don’t have to keep your administration resources within your facilities 24/7.


You can also download a desktop app that synchronizes with the cloud data. You can work offline and just sync the app after reconnection.

Better Productivity

Proper Office 365 integration means a productivity boost for any company. We’ve helped clients increase their efficiency and profitability. It’s only necessary to integrate the platform and migrate the data correctly. Our onboarding solutions can help your users get used to the new platform quickly.


Improving productivity always means better income. You can complete tasks quicker and with fewer resources. It optimizes returns for a reduced time, capital, and effort investment.


Our Office 365 services improve productivity on many fronts. Data centralization means better decision-making and easier management. However, we can narrow down our advantages to a couple “root” benefits.


Office 365 enables multiple resources to work on the same project simultaneously. Being on the cloud, they don’t need to stay within the same space. As long as all resources have access to the platform and data, they can collaborate.


Furthermore, you can collaborate with third-parties as well. In real estate, this is a key advantage. You can work with tenants, prospective buyers, consultants, and more without physical proximity.


Office 365 allows you to keep track of all updates in a single file. You won’t need to manage multiple copies, and you can edit your documents in real-time as your teams add more to it.

Automatic Updates

Additionally, Office 365 removes the need for IT technicians to update your systems. It saves time and money; you don’t need to wait or pay for technicians to move to your facilities and apply the changes.


Office 365 updates the cloud servers. All users receive these updates automatically once they release. If you have a dedicated IT staff, you can also relieve this need for them. It enables your resources to work on more important processes.


Additionally, updates are virtually instantaneous. That means minimal downtime, as you’d only have to wait minutes—at most—before you can resume operations.

Tailored Services for Your Company

Office software tends to offer personalized plans depending on the company. The same is true for our Office 365 services. You can ensure both your support and the entire platform’s plans are perfect for your needs.


During implementation, you’re free to choose which features and solutions you wish to implement. That includes getting rid of unnecessary functions or adding others outside the standard package.

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