Zoho is a complete CRM software solution for businesses looking to centralize their entire operations into a single platform. They offer extensive features taking over many of your company’s main operations. 


We help your business take full advantage of what Zoho has to offer. We’ve assisted dozens of clients integrate Zoho into their operations. Our expert resources have enough experience to ensure your implementation is seamless. 


What Can Zoho Do For Your Business?

UiPath is one of the leaders for process automation. They’re famous around the world thanks to how they’ve made this technology available for countless companies, and we can help you take full advantage of all their features.  


UiPath brings all the advantages of automation to the real estate industry. It’s easy to integrate with your property management software, and it works seamlessly with Excel sheets to help you export all the data with nothing but standard tools.        



Nurturing your customer relationships is the key to grow your company. A healthy dynamic between business and consumer is mandatory if you want to grow your business. Our Zoho CRM solutions are all you need. 


Zoho also comes with gamification tools to motivate your sales team to perform better. All sales go into email notifications for your clients and team to help make the process more efficient. 


You can also manage contacts and transactions before going into the CRM phase. Speaking of contacts, Zoho also scans business cards. They’re added into your digital contacts directory. 



Before making a sale, you need to market your services. Our Zoho implementation is great for leaving a lasting first impression on your customers. It all starts with your website, which you can build without coding knowledge using our consultancy and Zoho’s tools. 


You can also create online stores, and property managers can list their assets for rentals and sales. Then, you can optimize your website to ensure the conversions you need. That includes boosting visitor engagement to turn them into clients. 


Zoho is also a great social platform for businesses. You can create and post content while interacting with your followers. All conversations are easy to monitor throughout your different social networks. 


You can create entire marketing campaigns and track their success afterwards. The same is true for conducting surveys to compile all the information needed for better decision-making. Zoho has a powerful form builder, which you can use to create intuitive and engaging forms. 


If you enjoy hosting events, Zoho also has you covered. We can help plan and monitor your upcoming dates from a single hub. Many of the tools come with automation features to free time and resources. 



Customer support is vital for a healthy relationship that results in recurring clients and more sales. Our Zoho implementation solutions are ideal if you want to guarantee your clients feel you care about them. 


We can create help desks to make communication readily available for your customers. It lets you set up all the channels you need. That’s vital if you want to provide effective assistance to solve your customers’ issues remotely. 


You even get to connect a telephone support channel for your dedicated customer service team. 



Zoho also has amazing human resource features to help you ensure you find the best talents available. Once active, you can keep track of their performance and offer all the features they need to make their lives easier. 


The system works as the central platform where you can access all the information you need about your employees. You can also use it to find new talents necessary for your business’ growth. It’s features also ensure minimal turnover rates because of all the functions you can make available for them. 


If you’re using temporary workers and contractors, Zoho also works for you. You can assign profiles to manage the duration of their contract while boosting their efficiency. 


However, that’s not the end of our management solutions from Zoho. We can provide the right tools for all your business’ processes. 


Zoho has a wide range of accounting features to help you create and monitor all the vital processes for a healthy company. We aid you in tracking customers and payables to increase customer satisfaction. 


You can run your accounting books with Zoho. The tool is intuitive, and you can get your accounting running in no time. It also integrates with other features to streamline your financial accounting. You can create professional invoices, customizable according to your brand’s image and personality. You can also convert receipts into expense reports for easier and faster approvals. 


You can bill your customers in different approaches. If you’re running subscription or recurring payments (like rent), you’re free to program this billing depending on the agreement. You can run checkouts and collect your payments online as well. 


Zoho even has an inventory system. You can keep track of all your assets, sales, and rentals with your Zoho dashboard. 


Your entire Zoho campaigns and transactions register into the analytics dashboard. You can keep track of sales, engagement ratings, employee performance, and marketing campaigns without leaving Zoho. 


The analytics dashboard is easy to use. You’re free to evaluate the numbers or display simple graphs for better visualization. 


This is where Zoho comes above countless other CRM platforms. We can boost productivity letting your employees collaborate and communicate easily from a single platform. Team-building is an amazing way to implement Zoho. 


We create business email accounts without worrying about ads or security according to your company’s operations. We can also enable a messaging platform. It’s stable, and it supports video and audio calls to improve communication. 


You can plan projects and keep track of their completion throughout your different teams. It even comes with a private social platform. Your teams can use it to communicate and discuss plans while sharing all the necessary resources remotely. 


Zoho supports web conferences for virtual presentations with great stability and high-definition streaming. You can also broadcast your slide deck for better interaction as long as you have a stable internet connection. 


If you’re using temporary workers and contractors, Zoho also works for you. You can assign profiles to manage the duration of their contract while boosting their efficiency. 

What Can Assetsoft Do For Your Zoho Implementation?

As certified Zoho partners, we can aid you with all aspects relevant to use Zoho effectively. From consultancy to installations, our solutions have helped many companies leverage everything Zoho has to offer. 


Even though Zoho’s educational resources are extensive and detailed, users often need a bit more help. Using Zoho and using it to its full potential aren’t the same thing. The latter requires a little more specialization, and we can provide that.             

Full Installation

We can implement the entire Zoho suite into your company’s operations. This is the most extensive solution available, and it’s completely customizable depending on your company’s goals and requirements. 


Our implementation service covers all the steps to guarantee effective integration. This includes: 

  • Installing the platform and creating your user accounts. 
  • Setting up your interface and configuration to tailor Zoho to what’s more comfortable for you. 
  • Setting up user accounts according to their responsibility. That means giving them access to the right folder, resources, and information. 
  • Training your resources on how they can use Zoho effectively. Besides our standard training, you can indicate what areas you want us to focus on.
  • Providing constant support and troubleshooting for your Zoho system in case someone makes a mistake or you lose information. 

Training & Onboarding

Our teams have extensive knowledge and experience using and helping others use Zoho. You don’t have to worry about costly mistakes after implementing the system into your company.  

  • You’re free to request training and onboarding as a separate service. 

  • We provide a standard program to ensure your users know what to do with the platform. 

  • You can request additional training on specialized tools. It’s an ideal approach for managers and specific departments, who usually need more depth to understand specific tasks and processes

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Full-Time Expert Support

Some clients have the resources necessary to install and set up the platform in the way they need. They also have everything they need to ensure their staff and teams can use the platform without any issues. 


That’s why we also offer offshore help desk for our customers. This service, just like the others, adapts to your needs. We allocate dedicated resources to our clients. That ensures their help desk works exactly as it would if they decided to keep an in-house department. 

  • Our outsourced help desks are available full-time.  

  • We provide the necessary information and resources to our personnel to ensure they know everything they need about your strategies and processes. 

  • You can outsource your customer support department with our team by pointing us  them in the right direction and let us take care of the rest.


Zoho can be confusing for first-time users due to all the things it can do. It’s not uncommon for our clients to experience issues like lost information and resources because of human errors. 

  • We help you revert any mistakes to save time you’d otherwise need to spend re-doing hours or even days’ worth of work.


Again, consultancy is another aspect within our full implementation package that you can request separately if needed. We provide expert consultancy for your company. We have experience working with several companies with different sizes, markets, and needs. 


That makes us the ideal partner to help you find the right direction to take your software and strategies. For consultancy, we offer both Zoho-centered and business-centered consultancy. 


What does that mean? 

  • We can offer insight into what features you might need and could take the most advantage of. 
  • We can help you strip down your features to the essentials and start integrating more tools as you require. 
  • Our consultancy also includes assessing your current implementation success and user efficiency. 
  • We point out what can be improved to help your business grow. 


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