Does managing employee travel expenses seem tedious? Need an easier way to keep track of expense payments for your property management business? 


Try SAP Concur, a premium app built around travel expense management. Get access to a suite of features to make budgeting, cost assessment, and booking far simpler. 


Seamlessly manage your employees’ travel expenses with SAP Concur. Make managing invoicing, expenses, traveling, and mobile simpler. And it works for everyone - from small companies to corporations. 


Assetsoft can help you integrate your existing solutions with Concur, offering you the support you’re looking for. 


Is SAP Concur the Right Choice for You?

SAP Concur helps you manage travel operations. Analyze and keep track of all traveling expenses. And get detailed reports for all variables and factors.  


Additionally, Concur works with digital receipts for different entities, from hotels, airlines, ground transports, to restaurants. You can also track all credit card spending all on a single platform.  


SAP Concur integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP platforms and offers a better picture of how your expenses can affect your budget.    

Streamline Employee Travel Administration 

Without the right tools, communicating with vendors can be frustrating. You may need to assess small details and other nuances, which can be time-consuming. 


SAP Concur solutions can automate most of the invoice issuing process and also payments such as checks, ACH, and credit cards. 


There is also a self-help suite for suppliers and vendors. It’s easier than ever to check all payments and related invoices without having to communicate with their clients.  


The app lets you control travel expenses, purchases, and vendor compliance regarding deliverables.  

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Straightforward Communications With Suppliers 

Our clients have spent entire days liquidating the expenses without Concur. Even if it takes just a day, it still means spending time and resources on something that you could have spent on something more productive.  


Thankfully, liquidating is a lot easier with Concur.  Keep track of your employees' 

transactions at all times, and capture receipts instantly via picture. There is also support for e-receipt for increased efficiency.  

We can set up these transactions to generate reports immediately for your business.  


Supplier and their deliverables’ details can make their way into the app’s database quickly. That’s also true for purchase orders - you can add these to your reports instantly. Our ERP integration solution for Concur allows you to submit these reports quickly to update your budget without having to dedicate your department to it.  

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Benefits of Implementing Concur

Get to access all your app’s features and learn to leverage more with our Concur implementation and support services.  


Make the most out of your existing solutions with Concur integration. We help you implement the system and train your team. We also provide professional support once everything is up and running. 


Benefits of Implementing Concur 

Expense Management 

Picture receipts and e-receipt registration lets you keep track of all expenses. The manager access feature helps you monitor unnecessary spending. You can export all receipts into reports, from car mileage to expenses on airlines and hotels.  

Easier & Safer Transactions

Concur’s automation removes human error from your expense management. You can access travel suppliers quickly via Concur’s catalog. Choose from a couple of dozen templates for your reports. All transactions via Concur are fully encrypted and safe from data leaks and tampering. You can also wipe information remotely from your dashboard. 

Versatile Platform  

Concur integrates with different OS, including major smartphone systems: Android, iOS, and Android. Merge Concur with your company’s ERP to sync your budgets, financial department, and travel spending in real-time and work on the go, thanks to its cloud-based service.  

Which Features Can We Bring You? 

The features on offer depend on the Concur version you access. If you want to track expenses and budgeting, Concur Expense is the main tool.   


Concur Travel lets you plan trips and approve adjustments easily. You can negotiate pricing and even access web-only offers. There are also templates for your staff expense reports.    


Concur Invoice lets you streamline workflows for invoicing and purchasing. Match your orders against the deliverables to ensure compliance with your vendors. We can help you automate payments with checks, credit cards, and more.    


Concur is fully available for mobile devices and different systems.  Access it anywhere, anytime.  

Tracking Your Spending

Assess your expenses and the supplier’s accurate delivery. You can also combine SAP Concur with your accounting software and ERP platforms. Credit card integration automates transactions, with easy authorization for the right expenses. Export what you need into the report in a few clicks.

Travel Monitoring

Concur lets you keep track of your employees’ travel expenses to  monitor relevant travel details in real-time. Check the information via any device you use, or book trips and import the data from the app. 

Device Compatibility

Concur works with all desktop and mobile devices, and installing the software takes little time. Once it's ready, access it from virtually any smartphone.  

Management Access

Set up your company’s user permissions from your Concur suite. Choose who gets management access to Concur, and who can  access information about traveling expenses and reports. Management access also enables users to approve and reject expenses.   

Start Invoicing and Expenses with SAP Concur Today!

Save time. Make property management simpler.     


Integrate seamlessly from SAP Concur to the ERP you’re using. We can help you build an integration to popular ERP choices for property managers like Yardi Voyager, MRI Platform X, Procore, Facilio, Zoho One and more.  


Our real-time solution can help you with both your income and expenses. Enable automatic invoice generation. Use custom-built applications for better results. All while maintaining data integrity.  


Assetsoft makes it all possible. For you.     


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