In real estate, proper asset management is vital for success. That’s why we’ve helped dozens of companies integrate different systems to aid them keep track of all their assets. You have many options available for this task, but all of them require expertise and proper setup. 


Argus is one of the favourite names for these software. It lets our clients improve their operational efficiency and performance. It’s a scalable platform that adapts to your company’s growth. 


Our solutions ensure you can take advantage of all the features available from Argus’ software. 

Leverage Asset Management Software 

Argus lets its users take full advantage of active asset management. We help your firm access a plethora of features from one of the industry’s most advanced real estate solutions. Proper implementation allows you to access the optimal tool to maximize your profitability and overall performance. 


Its features focus around financial administration. You can manage your financial transactions, reports, and fees. It also has management features for leases, tenants, and rents along your entire portfolio. You can calculate and assess taxes and late fees as well.  


We can summarize the most important benefits from Argus’ solution into 3 key aspects.  

Manage Your Finances 

The main focus of Argus is its financial focus. Most of its tools aim to improve your company’s budgeting and record keeping. 


For instance, you can create more accurate budgets in less time. The customized experience covers custom views and extensive integrations capabilities. All of that is part of a tightly secured platform. 


You can use several currencies and measures with Argus. You can evaluate lease structures and valuations like discounted cash flows and market cap valuations. The system adapts to any company size. We’ve helped both local and global portfolios integrate Argus. 

Centralize Information 

You can run your entire property data and management from Argus. It lets you monitor your entire portfolio, regardless of its size. It’s vital to identify the value in your portfolio, along with possible risks you could run into down the road. 


From budgeting to property valuation, you can take care of everything from a single platform. We ensure all the information you need is readily available as soon as you access your dashboard. 


Centralizing data is vital if you want to simplify your company’s resources. You can access financial reports, lease agreements, and tax calculations from a single platform. 

Improve Your Company's Operations 

In the end, all features and advantages result in the same thing: better productivity. Faster and more accurate budgeting means you can take action more effectively. Its security measures guarantee you don’t have to worry about data leaks, either. 


Our implementation solutions could be everything you need to improve your decision-making noticeably. Argus calculates the rates you need in real-time, so you can take action in minutes. 


Additionally, we can ensure your system scales with your company. We can migrate new acquisitions and data into your platform. The same is true for integrations you might need for adding more functionality. 

Implement the Entire Argus Environment  

Argus’ solution splits into several modules. We can configure these modules depending on your needs. Each module serves a purpose, so you’ll have the right tools for every task. 


What’s even better about this structure is that you can forgo the modules and features you don’t require immediately. We can help you assess which modules are more important for your company.  


As your company grows, we can reevaluate the initial assessment. This approach allows us to provide the best value for your investment.                                      


Argus’ reporting feature comes with flexible parameters. You can control their timing and detail level per report. It supports several report tabs, perfect for presenting and reviewing portfolios. 


Its dynamic drill-downs enable users to examine different property level results in different portfolios. You have over 40 report templates, multi-currency rates to consolidate global reports, and customizable property classification.                                    

Cash Flow 

You can run different valuations, including market capitalization, traditional, and DCF approaches. All calculations occur in real-time, and they support different measures and currencies. 


You can enable annual, quarterly, and monthly analyses. Reports include cash flow, properties, tenants, and investment returns.  


All your outputs can display on your screen as well as export into PDF, Excel, or HTML. You can open these files simultaneously for comparisons and auditing.      


Argus provides diverse COAs (Chart of Accounts), with their own mapping and management tools. Therefore, you can keep several budgets for different projects. It even allows you to handle different forecasts. 


For forecasting, Argus also lets you import historical management data. You can run forecasts based on previous events for better market accuracy. The same is true for historical and projected results with support for on-screen notes and variances. 


It also supports detailed cost budgeting for different jobs and role workflows. You can compare budgets and assess properties into straightforward reports.


Argus’ sensitivity features are definitely a highlight. You can stress test cash flow forecasts and valuation assumptions alike. You’re free to create different scenarios to test different cash flows and valuations as you need. 


Said sensitivity features support advanced settings like sale date and capital expense sensitivities.  


It also allows for global updates for key assumptions. These assumptions include inflation  and market rates, leasing term speculation, and sale dates. You can manage different risks with different scenarios. The best part is how it all takes minutes at most.      

Investment Structuring  

Larger companies can use Argus to project complex structures as well as joint ventures with a straightforward UI. You can model level debts and equities for your portfolios, along level fees and costs. 


Waterfall distributions are also easy to define, including carry and IRR look-backs. Naturally, you can forecast cash flows, fees, returns, and clawbacks. The same is true for sensitivity analyses for new acquisitions.      

Business Toolkit 

We can set up advanced forms to capture vital information for portfolios and markets alike, depending on every property. You can publish bespoke reports depending on your companies’ needs as well. 


Accessing information and reports occurs instantly. You can make fully informed decisions faster than ever without ignoring details and variables.      


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