Assetsoft offers all solutions and services that you need to keep an efficient back office. We let our clients rest assured their administration and support operations run smoothly, from records to accounting audits.    


The back office is a primary pillar for any company. You can focus as much as possible on marketing and managing all other departments, yet improper back office operations are the foundation for all other processes. 


Luckily, outsourcing back office responsibilities is very common these days. That’s not to say you can take it lightly, but our clients’ experience with our back office offshore service highlights our professional approach to the tasks.        


A Comprehensive Solution For Your Back Office

The back office covers more than just reading and recording numbers. Proper accounting ensures the ground is fertile for growing all of your company’s development and processes. 


Property management requires extensive accounting skills and responsibilities. You can’t trust everyone to run your back office properly, and that’s why our staff works closely with all of our clients to make sure their expectations are always met.    


Recording expenses and income is only the start of our back office accounting solutions. We make sure to take this information as a measure of your company’s efficiency. It’s the building block for improving your strategies. Before making any important decision, all companies need to keep their current financial situation in mind. 


As mentioned, back office accounting is what allows all companies to function properly. This is mainly a support department, and that means all other teams should be able to consult them for specific procedures. Our resources ensure all the necessary data and records are readily available for future reference. This speeds up decision making considerably, improving scalability the effectiveness of those decisions. 


Many of our clients tend to neglect their back office accounting’s relevance when solving problems. Many issues require monetary investment to solve them, and the back office is responsible to ensure the necessary resources are available in case they’re needed. Your back office should be an integral part of your support and problem solving. 

State-of-the-Art Solutions

Ensuring your company stays competitive in the real estate market requires you to stay on top of technological trends. New platforms, like MRI and Yardi, have revolutionized how property management works.                


Back office accounting must stick to this idea. There shouldn’t be any technological gaps between your back office and your other departments. If that’s the case, communication and integration becomes unnecessarily difficult.                

Offshore Resources

Our offshore personnel and equipment is perfect to ensure your company adapts to modern practices. Our clients can shed the responsibility of integrating new systems and practices; the same is true for training their resources to use these new implementations.                    

Assetsoft takes care of all training and onboarding processes to new strategies and software. We’ve adopted a prominent portfolio of systems and platforms as well as approaches from working with many clients all over the world.                    

Software Expertise

As mentioned, offshoring your back office with Assetsoft helps you access more specialized resources than directly hiring and training them. We can take care of your back office accounting with your company’s own system faster than traditional onboarding.                                    

We actively train our own resources as well as our clients’ depending on their needs. You don’t have to adapt your software and practices to us; we always adapt to our clients’ needs and conditions.                        

System Upgrades & Migration

Upgrading to a new platform requires a lot of time and resources. You have to migrate contracts and accounting logs without any mistake.                


At Assetsoft, we can take care of migrating all of your data—including back office accounting—from the legacy platform to the new one. It guarantees efficient migration and onboarding while minimizing error margins.                


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