MRI, one of the leading platforms for real estate property management, brings all the tools and features necessary to improve your business’ efficiency and operations. Many real estate companies have upgraded to MRI, and it has become a standard in the industry.


Assetsoft supports many clients with their MRI needs. We help our clients to integrate the system into their business, migrate their data, and even access full-time support via our help desk outsourcing solutions.


The Importance of Adapting to Modern Platforms

Technological modernization gets faster with time. Timely integrations can give your company a big edge over the competition. However, staying with older platforms means your company will fall behind, and customer satisfaction often takes a hit.


Implementing the latest technological trends can have a huge impact on your company’s operations and efficiency. That’s why we’ve helped many clients improve and upgrade their systems.


Integrating a new platform is as important as doing it correctly. Our services cover all the steps of the integration and onboarding procedures to ensure the new system works seamlessly with your methods.

Benefits of Integrating MRI

MRI is one of the most popular real estate management platforms thanks to all the benefits it brings to companies in terms of process optimization and back office functionality.


Countless companies make up their user base, and we’ve helped many clients integrate MRI into their firms.


The main advantage of using MRI is its management centralization. Having all your property data available in a single platform does wonders to improve your business’ efficiency.

Management Centralization

MRI allows companies to keep all of their relevant data in a single system. This improves back office functions noticeably, and it allows for advantages like process automation and management efficiency.


Instant access to all resources and information is the foundation for effective management. Our clients can refer back to the data they need instantly at all times.

Better Decision-Making

Having your data readily available means better assessment of current property and lease conditions. All of these factors play a key role when making important decisions.


Budgeting, forecasting, and risk assessment are much easier when the relevant information is available at all times.

Productivity Improvement

In the end, improving your teams’ access to important data makes them work much more efficiently. Management and evaluation are much quicker, and this results in better application of necessary changes.


Access to information is the first step for every process. MRI integration improves your company from the ground up.

Back Office Optimization

All of these changes occur primarily in your company’s back office operation. Accounting, budgeting, lease management, and related tasks are your back office’s responsibility.


MRI is primarily a back office solution. Data recording and management are two of the most important back office functions. They’re also part of the main focus in MRI, and the same is true for financial operations and other responsibilities.

The Importance of Adapting to Modern Platforms

Assetsoft has years’ worth of experience helping companies integrate advanced software. We’ve worked with several systems, both old and new ones. We’ve helped clients integrate new software as well as offering active user support.

Our onboarding and help desk solutions have been beneficial for many firms’ needs. Our service can help your company reach its goals faster.

Our product and service catalog covers all the aspects necessary to ensure ideal system implementation.

Software Integration

We can take care of the MRI setup, user account creation, and granting permissions. Upgrading from your legacy system to MRI can be tedious, but we can make it seamless for you.

Data Migration

Moving your data from the previous platform into MRI requires lots of care and extensive reviewing. We’ve helped countless clients migrate their data into MRI, only requiring verification and testing from their side.

Offshore Help Desk

Even after setup is complete, you need to make sure everything goes smoothly—especially during the first days. We can take care of your user support, giving you access to specialized resources.

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