Retail Management by Assetsoft

Retail Solutions

Our retail merchandising system in an industry-leading solution for merchandising management.

On an annual basis, it:

  • Schedules and manages millions of store visits

  • Captures hundreds-of-millions of data elements

  • Millions of images

Used in-house by major North American retailers and by leading merchandising companies.

Key Features

  • Advanced field force automation and ERP system
  • Skill, proximity, and availability based auto-scheduling
  • Capacity planning, certification and human resource Management modules
  • Integrated payroll & billing modules, including expense reporting and integration with ADP, Paycheck, Paycomm, etc.
  • Robust advanced data capturing using surveys with skip logic
  • SKU-based data gathering (out of stock, distribution status)
  • Category resets and new store remodel tracking
  • Integrated secure reporting dashboard for clients and vendors
  • Integrated secure online ordering system for missing parts (eStore)
  • Store mapping
  • Project management
  • Survey management
  • Price management
  • Mobile access
  • Integration with major ERP systems for invoicing, recruiting, certification and on-boarding
  • Integration with warehouse management systems for shipping and fulfillment
Retail Management Service by Assetsoft