All companies benefit from property onboarding. It could be simply registering your properties into a new platform; it could be adding newly-acquired ones. We understand how important a smooth onboarding process can be. 


At Assetsoft, we’ve helped clients integrate new properties into their legacy system—and current properties to an entirely new platform. We use the best practices and approaches to ensure no information gets lost during the process. 


It’s vital to guarantee consistency between your physical data and its digital counterpart. That’s why our property onboarding solutions can be a lifesaver for many. 


Saving Time, Money & Mistakes 

Property onboarding is quite heavy on time and resources. You need to assess every property’s qualities and files. You need to convert that into your ERP. You need to keep all irregularities at bay.  


Needless to say, we know it’s a tedious process. That’s why our services can help you save lots of headaches. Our resources have helped many companies over the years. They’re knowledgeable in many platforms and approaches, and we can adapt our service to your specific needs and objectives.                  

Auditing Properties

Whether they’re new or current properties, you need to make sure all the information is faithful to the original document. That means searching, sorting, and reviewing many documents. 


Our auditing services can save a lot of time since you can simply leave that to us. We’ll go through your entire data and make sure your properties integrate seamlessly into your ERP platform. 

Upgrading ERP System

Changing your property management platform can be a challenge—and a problematic one at that. Sure, it’s a significant boot for your operational and management efficiency. The problem is the amount of information you need to migrate from the legacy platform. 


We can help you onboard your properties into the new system while guaranteeing no inconsistencies. We actively review all the data during the process, and we’ll create multiple databases to help you in the other steps of ERP system implementation. 

How Can We Help You With Property Onboarding?

Strategies are fundamental for every company. They explain exactly how to go from your current situation to specific milestones and goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

However, a strategy won’t get you there by itself. You need all resources to work towards these goals. The problem is that many variables and constraints come up while planning and executing strategies. 


A project manager makes sure to minimize these variables and risks. Our management advisory ensures all resources work optimally to ensure your strategy works out properly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Data Migration

Our data migration services are actually a significant portion of property onboarding. We can convert your legacy system data to move it into a new platform you wish to implement. However, we can also migrate data from other systems into your current platform. 


That’s particularly useful if you’re acquiring new property. We can verify all the relevant documents and data on their previous platform and move them into your company’s ERP system. 


We’ll actively review and verify the data during different stages within the process. You only need to verify the results are good. 


Our auditing services are also very popular for companies looking to integrate new property into their portfolios. Sorting through written agreements and other relevant documents can be resource-intensive, so outsourcing this task to us is a very cost-efficient method to streamline the task. 


If you’ve finished the onboarding process, it’s still important to ensure the data in your platform is consistent with the original information. We can review and compare all of your property documents to ensure your onboarding process went well. 


Property onboarding can be complicated, especially if the buildings you’re integrating are already under written agreements, like leasing. We can abstract the most important information on all agreements to help you assess the condition of your properties without too much effort. 


Not only do we provide a summary of the information. We also translate all the complex legal language to ensure you don’t need to hire a legal expert to read the document for you. 


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