• Assetsoft Commercial Property Tax Appeal Service

    Annual property taxes can be one of the most significant areas of tax exposure for commercial properties. Factors like new ownership, ghost assets, and wrong valuations can cause issues with commercial real estate tax valuations. In addition, new tax laws, changing valuation points, and jurisdictional reforms can also cause unforeseen complications. Know how we can help reduce your property taxes with a property tax reassessment appeal.

Pay Only What’s Fair!

Your right to fair property taxes is guaranteed under the Assessment Act. Filing for a property tax review and appeal can challenge any unfair assessment. However, to do that, you need a thorough knowledge of assessment laws and property valuations. Assetsoft's expert commercial property management services provide an end-to-end solution to your assessment needs. 

We can help minimize risks and recover lost assets by identifying errors and areas of concern in your review. For example, our experts review your tax history to ensure that your assessment is consistent with your taxation years.

Additionally, implementing a uniform FMV can generate unnecessary expenses for commercial real estate. Assetsoft counters this by requesting a specific valuation point for each client.

Filing Property Tax Appeals for Commercial Properties

Our team of financial analysts and CMIs appraise your commercial real estate based on Fair Market Value. We ensure that you pay only the correct amount of tax by basing our valuations on the latest phase-in formulas and valuation points. 

The Assetsoft team coordinates and consults with you to analyze factors like income, management costs, sales comparison, and more. We then use this data to set a target value and move with a commercial property tax appeal. 

Additionally, filing appeals with bodies like Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and Assessment Review Board can include complex jurisdictional require

ments and pressing deadlines. This is why our commercial real estate tax appeal services cover both formal and informal negotiations.

From filing your appeal to preparing the portfolio to representing you before formal/informal boards - our experts are with you every step of the way. We work to minimize your expenses and retain/recover revenue by looking at all possible options. Our team has both jurisdictional knowledge and relationships that can get you the lowest possible property tax assessments. 

Our Team: Property Tax Advice and Support

Despite what you may be thinking, you can control tax liability-related asset losses. And at Assesoft, we are known for our expertise in commercial taxation laws. 

There are over 3,100 assessing offices in the US alone, and our agents provide extensive coverage across these jurisdictions. 

We offer an in-depth understanding of local market property assessment and tax rate trends. Our presence in multiple jurisdictions gives us in-depth local expertise to obtain accurate and fair assessments for our clients.

By appealing an assessment of your commercial property, we can leverage all additional legal benefits available to you. In addition, our thorough knowledge of the latest property valuation schedules also allows us to lower your tax liability to the lowest possible amount. 

Assetsoft offers end-to-end case management for your portfolio. Our experts work closely with you from the initial review phase to the receiving of your final notice. A typical appeal process follows the following structure

  • Submit copies of tax bills, survey (R plan), and building info to the Assetsoft team.

  • File an appeal before the statutory deadline of 30 days from receiving the assessment.

  • Assetsoft reviews comparables, market info, leases, and more to draw property tax estimates.

  • Meeting with the Assessor to discuss and negotiate reduction or avoidance of any potential increases.

  • Proceed to hearing(s) with the board(s) if satisfaction is not achieved

Commercial Property Tax Reassessments Made Easy

Filing appeals, negotiating reviews, and attending hearings can be taxing and time-consuming. In addition, clients have to undergo multiple reviews - documentation and jurisdiction are particularly perplexing. Some procedures can even take years to complete. So why take all the trouble when we can mitigate your tax liabilities for you?

Assestsoft is experienced at managing property value risks and tax liabilities for commercial properties. Our team identifies errors and areas of concern to predict and manage property taxes. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end services for all types of commercial properties. Assetsoft works with various types of commercial real estate, managing each property assessment for fairness and accuracy for

  • Offices

  • Retail Properties

  • Industrial Structures

  • Multifamily Businesses

  • Hotels

  • Special Purpose Buildings (i.e., self-storage, churches, temples)

To get started, clients need to submit the following documents for review. These papers help us understand the intricacies of each case and come up with the most fitting solutions.

  •  Agreement between agent and taxpayer to act

  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) to obtain records

  • Initial review of assessment to determine merits in appeal

Assetsoft Commercial Property Tax Assessment Services 

Think your commercial real estate has been assessed at a higher-than-average FMV? We can help you get a fair tax liability by reviewing assessment notices and applying for a tax appeal. Our processes are tax compliant, and we estimate your savings using local tax rates and other jurisdictional factors. In addition, we work in accordance with local laws and regulations to deliver accurate reporting for your portfolio.

 At Assetsoft, we aim to make commercial property taxes fair and straightforward. Our experts work in full compliance with the legislated requirements of each jurisdiction. We help reduce your tax liability by analyzing your payments and bills to create an active valuation estimate. In addition, you can use our services to pinpoint ghost assets that may be dragging down your property tax valuations.

Important Dates 

  • All assessments can be challenged till 31st March 2023 based on equity, classification, and value.

  • Property owners will receive requests for records from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation between March to June 2023.

  • The municipalities will post the final tax bills between May to July 2023.

Need Property Tax Reassessment Help?

Our team can help. Know how we can help reduce your property taxes with a property tax reassessment. You only pay should we be able to reduce the assessment value. Want to know more? Contact us today!