Assetsoft knows that being available to your tenants at all times can be challenging as the queue for requests keeps increasing. Maintenance and the management of your tenant’s units can be exhausting to the point of burn out. Whether it’s booking an appointment to fix the plumbing or even to voice a complaint, Assetsoft can be the firm that you utilize to alleviate this pressure.


Helping to Cater Towards All Tenants Needs

 We keep the process of catering to all of your tenants not only efficient, but simple. Our systems can create harmony among the landlord and its tenants by the use of technologies like IVR, IoT, and Bank Reconciliation.

Assetsoft offers many different sides to help on tenant relations. We are people driving people –  we are the service provider for real property enterprises everywhere. 


Using an IVR system means that your tenants can literally “voice” their concerns and have their requests booked automatically with you as a landlord.


IoT helps you keep track of the energy systems and provide an outlook of actual/potential inefficiencies within your assets.

Bank Reconciliation

We can also provide simple Bank Reconciliation to help you monitor day to day transactions so you don’t have to.


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