5 Robots You Can Use In Property Management Right Now 

13.11.21 12:06 PM Comment(s) By Assetsoft

Robots have taken on a different meaning when it comes to business processes. They refer to specific algorithms that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate repetitive tasks. Such robots can enter data into spreadsheets, manage paperwork of an organization, or create invoices on your behalf. 

As a result, the demand for automation by robots is surging day by day. Known as robotic process automation, it has grown into a $1.89 billion market. According to Gartner, the growth rate will be substantial even post-COVID, as businesses look to save time and costs. Interestingly, real estate has its share of robots to improve operational efficiency and boost productivity. In fact, many property managers are incorporating robots into their workflows for better outcomes. 

Here are the top 5 robots you can use for your property management right away. 

1. Robotic Real Estate Agent from Zenplace

Property tours cost property managers a lot of time. You have to be present on the spot for each potential customer and dedicate slots to show around. Things can turn complex and even go out of hand if you give tours to twenty customers across the town in a day. Now Zenplace has come up with a solution for the problem. They have developed a robot with a tablet that can hover around your rental space and give a thorough tour. 

The tablet shows a live agent who takes on customer queries and provides insights. Property managers can use one robot for each location and an app to sign up customers for tours. However, the only drawback is the robot cannot climb stairs yet! 

2. Gabbi: AI Assistant for Tedious Tasks 

Big real estate management companies have a team of representatives for serving customers. They also pay employees who book showings, answer customer queries and provide the correct information. Naturally, the firms waste countless hours that can be spent turning leads into customers. 

Gabbi, a virtual assistant, can come to the rescue in such situations. It is an AI-assisted real estate agent that can respond to customers, book showings, and even nurture your leads. 

Best of all, Gabbi can act like a chatbot and provide complex and accurate information. You don’t need to employ a person to attend to tasks.  Therefore, you can entertain your clients 24/7 and engage buyers and tenants without any break. According to Gartner, 72% of organizations will use robotic process automation techniques in the coming two years. 

3. Manage Tenants with UiPath 

Tenant management is another time-consuming process filled with manual tasks. From filing new applications to approving them, a lot of workflows lie in between. 

Thankfully, robots can come in handy and help you manage your tenants like a pro. You can rely on platforms like UiPath that offers a range of robots for business process automation. Best of all, you can make the robots learn new things and acquire fresh skills. As a result, you can out them to work for most operations in real estate and property management. 

When it comes to tenants, your robots can: 

  • Deliver tenant applications 

  • Follow-up on tenants 

  • Run credit checks on your clients 

  • Conduct background and criminal checks 

  • Approve or reject applications 

Property managers need to set the rules for the robots to work automatically. Based on your needs, it is also possible to use both attended and fully unattended robots for your processes. The results can be excellent, as 78% of RPA adopters want to invest more in robots in the future. 

4. HomePrezzeo: The Robot Content Creator 

A top responsibility of property managers is to keep tenants and potential customers updated. They have to share market insights, prices, and more to attract and engage customers. Additionally, they have to create content for emails, social media, and websites. 

The task can get complex for a person without experience in content creation. However, that doesn’t mean they have to lose out on clients. Enter HomePrezzeo, the robotic content creator for real estate agencies. With its help, you can create videos and appealing content to send to your audience. The robot takes information and market data supplied by you and automatically creates spectacular content and infographics. 

Additionally, the process is really simple, and all you have to do is: 

  • Select a template for your report or video 

  • Choose your location and suburb 

  • Provide recent sales data 

Best of all, you can also use the robot for creating property listing videos. 

5. RiTa the Real Estate Assistant 

Humans are not designed for repetitive tasks. They need breaks, make mistakes, and often mess up the outcome of intricate tasks. However, a robot is free from such drawbacks and can work round the clock. RiTa is such an AI-powered assistant that become a property manager’s best friend. 

What can RiTa do for property management firms? 

  • Generates leads by connecting to CRMs 

  • Communicate with clients via SMS, chat, emails, and more 

  • Analyze and clean up data 

  • Scale customer interactions with personalized communications 

  • Analyze and segment your database 

  • Provide daily activity reports 

  • Generate valuable analytics 

Take Advantage of Real Estate Robots with Assetsoft 

Assetsoft is the right partner you need to automate your real estate business processes. We have top experts with years of experience to make the most robots like UiPath. Our team can also provide cutting-edge technology and tailor each solution to meet your business needs. 

Property managers can also rely on us for sound consultation, no matter how complex the problem is. We can deliver the best robotic process automation and help you save costs, time, and labor. Get in touch with us to tell us your requirements. We can help you eliminate manual labor and leverage automation to the fullest to achieve your business objectives. 

Final Thoughts 

Want to use robots for your property management business? Talk to the Assetsoft team. With Robotic Process Automation, you can achieve your automation goals while increasing productivity. Analyze your needs today and implement AI-based robots for all those small things - like sending emails or scheduling reminders. Explore the possibilities with the Assetsoft team! 

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