8 Ways Real Estate Business Owners can Increase Traffic to their Home Listings 

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Real estate business owners have a lot of juggling to do, from enhancing property listings to house showings and making sales; they have a lot on their plates. Marketing sometimes takes a backseat even when the competition is really high in this industry.  


NAR reports for 2020 say there are more than 106,548 real estate brokerage firms in the USA and more than 1,564,547  agents and brokers. The competition is steep, and the time is less to crack deals. What real estate agents and realtors need is simple but effective marketing strategies to increase traffic to their listings. 


All of the real estate listings are competitive. Different businesses have property units in the same housing complex or area or malls or commercial spaces. How do you get more traffic and leads than your competitive brands?  


Our team at Assetsoft has over a decade of experience in planning strategy and leadership for real estate companies to help them sell better and excel. With that experience, we have carefully curated a list of simple and effective marketing strategies to increase traffic to your home listings. Read this blog to find out more about them.  

10 effective ways to get more traffic to home listings 

While there is no one-step trick to successfully selling your properties, there are many ways to make more potential customers visit your site and look at your listings. Here are the top 8 ways to do it.  

  1. Become mobile-friendly 


Before the pandemic, verbal marketing and directly speaking to customers was still an option in real estate. But after the pandemic, using proper technology selection and making your business mobile-friendly has become inevitable. Why? NAR reports have found that 97% of people used the internet to find houses during the pandemic. Among these, more than 76% used mobiles and tablets to conduct these searches. 


If your brand is not mobile-friendly and responsive to online searches on remote devices, then you will surely lose this 76% of the customer base. If you want to cater to this audience, especially the millennials and Gen Z homebuyers, then going mobile is the only way forward. Things like click to call, tap here to see more listings, chat with us, etc., can be effective tools to get more traffic. You can also add quick CTAs (calls to action) to make your site visitors speak to you directly. 

  1. Cater to your type of market 


When you are setting a goal for your marketing team to get more traffic, remember that you should decide your target audience for each marketing strategy. It will be vague if your strategy and leadership are not designed for a specific market type. If your property listings are more student-friendly, then there is no point in marketing them to office goers. Or if your property listings are only for commercial warehouses, then why market it to the whole world?  


Plan an effective strategy and leadership plan where you use geo-locations and age segregation to market to a specific number of people only, to stay relevant and get more traffic.  

  1. Upgrade your photography 


Old photographs are outdated. You need great photography and editing to enhance your listings. Things like drone shots, top aerial view of your properties and showing real pictures is great to increase your credibility and attract customers. You can also start using virtual reality home tours by staging your properties and helping customers understand how the properties will look.  


Studies have found that more than 77% of customers want to see a virtual tour of homes before physically visiting them. The better the quality of your photos, the better your tours will be. So team up with a photographer to get started on this journey.  

  1. Upgrade your technology selection 


The right selection of technology in project management is the only way to automate the property listing process. Use CRM software or property management software like Yardi or MRI to keep track of your inventory and update listings in real time to drive up sales. If you take a long time to get updates about your inventory and then make listings, your competitors will sweep in and take the business away from right under your feet.  

  1. List your properties on third-party websites  


Listing your properties on your own website is the first step, but real estate aggregators' websites are doing a great job in helping businesses get more traffic. Use other third-party websites to get more traffic to your listings and website. These are paid services, so make sure you list your best properties on these websites to make people click on your listings above other competitors.  

  1. Do not keep leads hanging; follow up 


When a lead becomes unresponsive, it is your duty as a real estate property manager or business owner to nudge them with incentives to get their business. Talk to them even further and send them customized listings and offers on your properties to get them talking.  

  1. Understand your USP, sell that 


Every business or brand should know its USP; marketing strategy and leadership can never be generalized. If you still have not identified your USP, it is time to start. Your USP will set you apart from your competitors. Tell your potential customers what extra you offer that other brands don’t. This will increase their curiosity about you and increase your traffic.  

  1. Feature your best properties and customer reviews 


Marketing reports by Invesp have found that customers are ready to spend 31% more on businesses with great online reviews. And more than 86% of customers are sceptical about doing business with brands with negative reviews. So, showcasing your great customer reviews is important if you are conducting business online. They must be featured on all your online pages and highlighted for your other potential customers to see.  

Focus on Pages that Drive Traffic


Along with online reviews of previous customers, also feature your best properties at the top of your website. Get customers to click on the listings to increase the traffic and viewership on your page.  

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Assetsoft can help you device the right project management strategies, streamline your real estate operations and more. We offer the right advisory solutions and tech implementation for your business, and can help you with a digital adoption strategy tailored to your business needs. 

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Confused about effective marketing strategies in real estate? Is increasing traffic on your listings taking a backseat? Or are you overwhelmed with the unending number of works on your plate? Give us a call. We can help you better plan your strategy and leadership to avoid these problems.  

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