How To Build Amazing Tenant Relationships Through Technology 

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Technology has transformed all industries, including real estate. Any experienced property manager knows how technological advancement has revolutionized the leasing and rental business.  In addition, today’s tenants demand a lot more from landlords. You can just view the tenant-landlord relationship as a transactional one anymore. 

Moreover, the expectations and habits of today’s tenants are not the same as they were even a decade back. Now, around 23% of the global population consists of millennials who came to the world in the age of smartphones. 

As a result, realtors need to focus on technology to attract and retain new-age tenants. Here are a few ways you can leverage current technology to build an awesome relationship with your tenant. 

Invest in a Website 

The first step to striking a great relationship with your tenant is to create a website for your business. You first need to attract tenants, and then you can think of creating a long-term relationship. It's why you have to put yourself out to your audience and find new tenants. 

Years back, newspapers used to be the top way tenants used to search for properties. However, today, only 15% of buyers or leasers use the newspaper. Instead, more and more people are taking to the internet to look for rental properties. As a result, a website is a prerequisite to connecting with your tenants. You can also upload your property listings and provide a video tour of the unit. Additionally, you can provide customer service and collect leads using website forms and signup boxes. 

Apply for Digital Certifications 

We always look for signs of assurance while making a purchase. The same applies to tenants who want several amenities and professional certifications for rental spaces.  However, the needs of current tenants have changed a lot. You can’t expect to lease your office unit just by building spectacular conference rooms or workspaces. 

Instead, you need to ensure perks like internet connectivity, communication services, and more. 

A digital certificate can go a long way to highlight the amenities and increase the demand for your spaces. Realtors can try WiredScore’s certification that rates a building based on its internet and connectivity infrastructure. The Wired Certification is recognized globally and focuses on connectivity that tenants want the most. The best buildings get the Wired Certified Platinum to show off their features and capabilities. Needless to say, millennials look for such digital signs of assurance more than anything. 

Communicate via Multiple Channels 

Landlords traditionally communicated with tenants by writing or over the phone. With time, email became the most common channel to connect with customers. 

However, you can’t expect to click with your tenants if you use only one or two communication channels. Instead, you should focus on all the channels where your customers exist. 

Therefore, you will have a mix of channels that you will be able to utilize to communicate with your tenants. According to research, these are the top channels businesses use to get closer to millennials

  • Website or user portal – 54% 

  • Emails – 52% 

  • Mobile apps – 44% 

  • Text messages – 35% 

  • Social media networks – 34% 

Allow Tenants to Visualize the Property 

Most tenants have moved to the internet to search for spaces. They view the experience as similar to online shopping from portals like eBay or Amazon. 

As a result, realtors have to change their approach to suit modern needs. 

However, just offering your listings online may not result in tenants walking through your doors. A tenant is more likely to trust you and form a relationship if you help them visualize their rental space. This is possible using 360-degree videos or pictures of the property from varying angles. 

Additionally, you can invest in creating 3D visualizations that give your tenants a walkthrough of your space. It is also possible to offer visualizations using 3D marketing and leasing apps. Visualizations act just like product images to instill confidence in the buyer. It is also a necessary part of selling, as 75% of consumers rely on product images to shopVisualizations will help you connect with your tenants and show you really care for their needs. 

Develop a Mobile App 

A mobile app makes sense for large-scale rental properties or real estate agents. You can develop an app for a particular property or your rental/leasing business as a whole. 

A mobile app can help you get closest to your tenant and deliver the correct information. You can also program your app to show floor plans, provide visualizations, and even manage leases and contracts. Additionally, you can take advantage of push notifications to reach your tenants any time you want. You will not even need to call or send an email. 

Best of all, 73% of people utilize mobile apps to search for properties. They also like to research the market and use different filters to sort rental units based on location, price, and more. Surely, an app can help you provide information at your tenant’s fingertips and build a long-lasting relationship. 

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