How to Optimize Building Operations with MRI Angus

24.10.23 11:46 AM Comment(s) By Assetsoft

Modern buildings are complex systems. Property owners and managers need a reliable solution to manage and streamline operations. 

MRI Angus is a preferred choice when it comes to managing building operations. It contains separate categories of tools and features to optimize your processes. 

Matt Mackillop, MRI Sales Engineer, will deliver a talk at MRI Ascend on October 25 on the software’s capability to help industry stakeholders. 

What can be some of the highlights of the session? How can MRI Angus allow landlords and managers to optimize and streamline building operations?

Here are a few insights.

Real-Time Data

Real-time data can make a huge difference in the efficiency of building operations. MRI Angus consolidates all building data into a model for easy reference. 

The latest data helps managers track issues and take timely action. They can also trust the data as there is no human intervention. 

Accurate data allows you to manage operations like a pro. You gain visibility into every nook and corner of your building. 

Enhanced Property Management

You can experience a significant difference when using Angus to manage your properties. It is more evident when you work on multiple buildings at one time. 

The platform lets you compare and contrast data from different properties. It can reveal a lot of information, like ways to save money. 

Additionally, the BIM capabilities of Angus help managers identify assets throughout the site. They can identify areas that can be repurposed to provide more value. 

Or, you can simply boost the long-term performance of your building. Best of all, you can even work from remote locations using your cloud platform. 

Improved Maintenance

MRI Angus is a solid platform for planning and implementing maintenance. It has several features to operate a well-maintained building and satisfy tenants. 

You can plan and schedule work orders seamlessly within your system. You can also prioritize work orders based on multiple factors. 

Moreover, you can coordinate and manage emergency work orders from a single interface. It is also possible to track maintenance requests and manage vendor relationships. 

Moreover, you can plan and implement custom property inspections. Additionally, Angus opens the doors to predictive and preventive maintenance. 

Tenants also get a portal to make and track maintenance requests and payments. 

Hassle-Free Visitor Management

Managing visitors can become a challenge in high-traffic buildings. MRI Angus provides a digitized way to manage visitors without breaking a sweat. 

Property managers can rely on Angus’s building directory to inform visitors. It gives them access to tenant lists and floor plans on a touchscreen. 

Additionally, the platform allows you to manage visitor registrations. You can also capture and print security passes and badges. 

Repeating visitors can save time with their data already on the system. 

Improved Business Decisions

MRI Angus provides meaningful data to inform your overall business strategy. It helps you identify areas of potential cost savings to maximize your profits. 

You can also spot risks across your buildings to eliminate unpleasant surprises. 

Additionally, Angus lets you track the performance of your employees and assets. You can also generate custom reports to prove performance to the C-suite. 

Angus helped CBRE Call Center to optimize their operations and reduce costs by 50%. It can make a big difference by saving money and helping in informed decision-making. 

Foolproof Compliance

Compliance can be a headache for property managers and owners. There are countless inspections and workflows to keep track of to avoid legal hassles. 

MRI Angus comes in handy to ensure complete compliance with all regulations. You can schedule preventive maintenance well ahead of time. 

It is possible to:

  • Issue comprehensive instructions 

  • Create checklists

  • Develop interactive floor maps

Additionally, Angus allows you to send email reminders to external vendors who carry out inspections. You can be sure of not missing any compliance requirements. 

Implement MRI Today

MRI has a range of solutions for property owners and managers. You can manage your operations like an expert with advanced tools. Real-time data is the biggest game-changer and brings complete visibility. You can implement preventive maintenance and improve collaboration with all stakeholders, like tenants and vendors. 

Contact Assetsoft today for a seamless MRI implementation. We also integrate the platform with your business apps and provide corporate training. Our managed services are also highly popular with clients. 

Call us to learn more. 


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