How to Use MRI Analytics to Maximize Retail Lease Performance

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MRI Ascend is going to start on October 24 in Chicago. The conference will be filled with learning, sharing insights, and information about the company’s solution. 

Most importantly, industry leaders will share secrets to improving different aspects of your real estate business. 

One crucial topic for the second day deals with maximizing retail lease performance. Janie Jefferies-Freer, Vice president of MRI energy management software, will share her insights on the topic. 

She will detail how to maximize your performance using MRI Retail Solutions. However, the event is still a few days away. 

In the meantime, you can expand your knowledge by reading our take on the topic. 

The Importance of Business Intelligence

MRI Retail Solutions comes with a host of tools to help you leverage your data. You can analyze it to generate meaningful insights. 

Make Informed Decisions

MRI retail intelligence helps you uncover trends and spot opportunities. You can go deep into your performance metrics like:

  • Foot traffic

  • Customer demographics

  • Sales per square foot

Historical data allows you to identify patterns and make data-driven decisions. They are more accurate and make way for higher profitability. 

Lease Performance

You can analyze the performance of your leases smartly with retail intelligence. Your dashboard tells you which leases need more work and bring desired returns. 

The tracking mechanism helps you optimize your leases for the best performance. 

Advanced Reporting

Property managers can generate custom reports with MRI. It allows them to create specific insights for different metrics. 

The process is crucial to boost operational efficiency. 

The Potential of Shopper Analytics

Shopper analytics lets you dig deep into customer behavior inside your premises. The insights help you refine your retail strategy for optimal outcomes. 

You can also provide a superior shopping experience to your visitors. 

Shopper Demographics

Unearth your customer demographics with MRI Retail Solutions. You can dive deep into customer details like:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Income

  • Interests

This data allows you to attract the right tenants for your properties. You can also develop fitting marketing strategies to delight your target audience. 

Analyze Foot Traffic

MRI helps you gain more visibility into your foot traffic. You can generate vital insights like your busiest hours and areas with the most footfall. 

This information can help you optimize the design and layout of your premises. You can also allocate suitable placements to your tenants. 

Determine Conversions

Tracking conversions is vital for every business. MRI allows you to determine how many buyers make a purchase. 

This metric can help you assess the performance of several things like:

  • Retail space layouts

  • Placing of tenants

  • Promotional campaigns

You can use the insights to optimize your processes, like tenant placement. 

How to Increase Operational Efficiency

MRI Retail Solutions is loaded with features to boost your operational efficiency:

Seamless Maintenance

You can keep your retail space well-maintained with the help of MRI. It helps you streamline your maintenance and repair processes. 

Additionally, you can identify areas of concern to take timely action. 

Improved Collaboration

You can leverage tools inside MRI to improve communication with your tenants. It provides a centralized platform for both parties to share information. 

Additionally, owners, managers, and tenants can stay on the same page. 

Optimize Marketing Efforts

MRI Retail Solutions helps you analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. It enables you to repeat your successful campaigns and stop the ones with poor performance. 

Additionally, the insights let you allocate resources for the best returns. 

MRI for Success

MRI Retail Solutions is a strong foundation for real estate businesses. It helps them adapt and excel in this ever-changing industry. 

The insights from MRI allow you to identify and nurture your best leads. You can create the right tenant mix and optimize the space of your retail premises. 

Most importantly, shoppers are charmed the moment they walk in your doors. You gain a reputation for offering fantastic shopping experiences. 

Additionally, you can streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency. 

Assetsoft MRI Services

Assetsoft is an MRI expert with full-scale services for MRI implementation, integration, testing, and training. 

We also provide advisory services like MRI project management and system usage review. You can also trust us for MRI managed services, such as:

  • Financial services

  • Lease back office

  • Support services

  • Help desk support

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. 

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