MRI Ascend 2024- How Does It Benefit the Property Managers? 

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Assetsoft has been helping property managers implement the best software solutions like MRI to make things easier. 


We follow the most-suited practices, from software implementation to training the client’s users. This time, we will be there at the MRI Ascend EMEA 2024 - like many other property managers and real estate businesses. 


Yes, we will again join the MRI Ascend to be held on the 17th of April, 2024. We have been a part of their past events, and have helped businesses find out how to streamline MRI Software into their business workflow.


Event Details 

  • MRI Ascend 

  • Date: 17-04-2024 

  • Venue: Intercontinental O2, London 


What does this year's Schedule for the MRI Ascend 2024 look like?

Morning Sessions 

The event will begin at 8:00 am GMT with the routine registration process and breakfast. There, you get the opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals. 


In the opening keynote, the MRI experts will address the insights and innovations into the future of property management. There will be interactive workshops where we can share our practical applications in property management. 


Afternoon Sessions 

Get executive insights on emerging trends and challenges in property management, housing asset management, and repairs, investors, evolution, and more. 


Evening Sessions 

Get into a closer interaction with the industry peers in a social atmosphere. The event offers precedent opportunities to network with a diverse group of property and housing experts at the evening social mixer. 


What’s There for Property Managers? 

The upcoming MRI Ascend event holds a unique opportunity for all property managers to keep pace with the changes and become leaders in innovation and best practices. 


It gives you an insight into product innovation, emerging trends, and best practices to redefine your operational efficiency. And Assetsoft will help you figure out how to streamline MRI software into your real estate business. With us, you will learn from the successes and failures of industry peers that they will share during the event. 


Get the MRI Software Training you need with Assetsoft 

While implementing the MRI software in your workflow, we provide the best training to all the users. This time, we offer you the best opportunity to join training sessions guided by the MRI experts. 


This will help property managers to maximize the use of MRI software and other technological solutions. 


Get the practical learning experience to lead yourself to immediate improvements in property management. 


Connect and Collaborate with Industry Professionals 

Property managers will get the opportunity to connect with a broad spectrum of industry professionals, including vendors, potential clients, and partners, with new perspectives. 


Build new relations and explore further opportunities to grow your business in property, housing, and investment sectors. 


Direct Contact with MRI Professionals  

What could be better than connecting with the people behind your software? While you can connect with us on Booth 18, here are some other people you may be interested to hear at in the event


  • Patrick Ghilani, CEO, MRI 

  • Dermot Briody, ED, MRI 

  • Steven Fox, Sales Director, MRI 

  • Jody Barford, Sr. Director, MRI 

  • Tim Finch, Director PD, MRI 

  • Rob Simmonds, Sr. Product Manager, MRI 

  • Deborah Matthews, MD, Social Housing, MRI 


These are just a few names from the long list of speakers there.


You Can’t Miss the Ball! 

MRI Ascend 2024 calls for all professionals in property management and the housing sector to join hands in this rapidly evolving industry. And Assetsoft will be at Booth 18 to help you with your real estate property management enquiries.


Are you ready to join us for this unique event? 


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