Why Should Property Managers Use a Real Estate Management Software?

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With market prices rising by about 21.4%, 2021 has been a record year for real estate. In addition, industry experts forecast that the average home price will increase to $859,700 by 2022. Such a leap is a whopping 10.5% more than the current market value. 

Why is Property Renting on the Rise? 

With such dramatic spikes in the prices of homes, people are sure to be on the lookout for more accessible options. Customers don't have to worry about paying huge sums to find lodging. Leasing property also means they don't have mortgages weighing on them anymore. Renting property is an excellent solution to this problem. 

This convenience may be why the renting market in the country is worth $46.6 billion. With such a booming market, switching to efficient real estate management is a must for property managers. 

Why Should You Switch to Property Management Software? 

In a manual business model, the load of work can be heavy. Managing tasks like tenant applications and lease abstraction without efficient software can take hours of your time. Experts expect the renting industry to rise 12.2% this year alone. So not switching to new management software could mean waiving huge profits. 

As a property manager, you know that a healthy client relationship is the basis of every good business. Real estate management software targets this area precisely to enhance your service quality. The system uses high-quality software like Yardi and MRI to help improve your business relationships. 

This technology comes equipped with tools that make customer interaction a breeze. Besides this, they also help you in tasks including but not limited to financing, maintenance, data backup, and more. 

Hiring a Tech Firm

If you think implementing a new management system could potentially overturn your business, get yourself a trustworthy tech firm to work alongside you. These are professionals who know how to customize their services for your business. They make sure that you lose no vital information during the data migration.  


Hiring such a team lets you find your footing with the new software. Your team is sure to benefit from the training on using the technology. With a reliable company helping you, you will be conducting essential tasks like analyzing tenant turnover and occupancy rates in no time. 

But property managers should be careful when choosing a firm.  

Only partner with companies that provide real estate management software to execute tasks essential for your business. Technology like Yardi and MRI is best for your business because they have tools that help you in crucial functions like 

Financial Data Tracking 

This feature can give you a massive leg-up over your competition by keeping track of rents, maintenance fees, and other accounts. Besides this, you can use the tenant data to make accurate budgets and forecasts. Such analysis gives your business a map of sorts to know which areas are vulnerable and which are more profitable. 

Cloud-Based Storage 

Better data management is one of the reasons to switch to real estate management software. Cloud storage is an essential part of this function, and it also prevents data loss while making information immensely accessible. With cloud storage, any authorized member can review files and use them to tailor campaigns or resolve issues. 

The Other Benefits of a Property Management Software

Besides these, the benefits of property management software are numerous. Here are a few important ones to check out. 

  1. Increased Security 

As a property manager, you already know that tenant security is the most important. This emphasis on safety also applies to the protection of their private data. 

Getting real estate management software ensures that such sensitive information remains safe. Since the system uses cloud-based storage, your tenants’ confidential data is safe from physical hazards like fires and floods.  

Cloud Security 

Software like Yardi also comes equipped with high-grade encryption and authentication protocols. Any burglar on the internet is sure to have difficulty breaking through the safety protocols. 

Partner Assistance 

On the rare chance that the cloud data gets corrupted, your tech partner should be there to assist in the recovery process.  A reliable tech firm is of particular use in such emergencies. Therefore always choose a company willing to give you your money's worth. 

Tenant Screening 

As a property manager, it is your responsibility to keep the area safe as possible. This responsibility implies that suspicious and potentially dangerous individuals not be granted entry into the property. Another vital function that the real estate management software undertakes is the process of tenant screening. 

The software’s screening technology lets you run detailed background searches on tenant applicants. With this tool, you can have the public reports of these people in your hands in minimum time. 

  1. Improvement in Tenant-Landlord Relationship 

With property management software, tasks like rent collection and lease renewals become a breeze. The system allows you to conduct all such transactions electronically. Such technology is beneficial for property managers with multiple tenants.  

The software also records and files the data of all such transactions for future reference. Additionally, both the property manager and the leaseholder receive timely notifications on the payment. The system keeps a record of these to help avoid future conflicts. 

Tenant Convenience 

Tenants also get access to spaces where they can log in to address critical issues about the property or access details of their lease. There are also inbuilt tools that drop alerts and notifications on matters that may involve them. A system like this streamlines manager-client relationships by emphasizing phone, email, or chat communication.  

Importance of AI 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in real estate management software can help you save a considerable amount of time. A Machine Learning (ML) program studies your business model and suggests potential leads and strategies that may benefit your business. 

As AI is constantly learning, it can conduct analysis, chat with tenants in an engaging, understandable vocabulary that imitates your language. The technology is sure to free up your time to focus on those areas of the business that require your lead.  


Which Real Estate Management Software is Right For You?

Don't worry - we take all the hard work out. Let the Assetsoft team help you find the right real estate management software for your business, from Yardi to MRI Software. Explore the benefits of each, and know how it can easily integrate with your existing services. Contact us today! 

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