The Rising IoT trends in Real Estate You Need to Know About 

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Internet of Things or IoT refer to objects that have sensors and work with advanced technology selection of software that is connected on a common network within the internet or web. The development of IoT has left its mark on the real estate business world in the recent past when PropTech rose to the occasion. 


In 2022 there have been a lot of rising trends in the IoT when it comes to real estate. From buying and selling properties to using the latest gadgets with IoT inside homes, it has a lot of applications in the present scene. Read this article to get a detailed understanding of how the new trends in IoT can help you make your mark in the real estate biz. 

Use of IoT in real estate development 

Dealings in real estate are sometimes so harsh that they would literally make you want to move to the metaverse at some point. But here on Earth, you can use the IoT to make business much more manageable. From making energy-efficient homes to doing virtual home sale plans, IoT-based applications are many possibilities. It is still a developing technology, and the real estate business is making the most of it. As a property manager and owner, you need to get on top of these rising trends this 2022 to beat the competition who are still not well-versed in project management technology selection.  

Rising IoT trends that are positively affecting real estate  

According to PWC research reports, more than 73% of real estate business executives are already investing in some form of IoT applications in their companies. What are the trends and top uses that are making this change happen? Take a closer look. 

  • Better HVAC system 


The USA alone wastes more than 68% of energy, as was said by WeForum market research. This increases the carbon footprint of real estate buildings. The present generation of home buyers and tenants are very energy-conscious people, and they want to have better systems in their homes to help the environment even if they have to pay a little more. 


A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of any building functions and works within the same network; they can all be connected on IoT. The tenant can stay in control of the heating and cooling system of the property, and they can even regulate it remotely to make the place energy-efficient and save power and money. As a property manager, you can use better technology selection to revamp and streamline these systems to make them more eco-friendly and sustainable. 

  • Eliminate bottlenecks in CRE 


Commercial Real Estate faces a lot of bottleneck situations given the vast number of people they have to deal with. IoT applications have seen a rise to clear such bottlenecks when there is a parking space issue in a commercial property; an IoT device can pre-detect vacant areas or suggest alternatives and make life hassle-free for business. You will get a better user experience and greater customer satisfaction in the process.  

  • The efficiency of energy usage with sensors 


There are new IoT devices in the market that can track and check the energy usage of your properties. They are fitted with heat sensors and can even self detect energy losing areas where you have a chance for improvement and repairs. This can help optimize your resources to the fullest and have a positive impact on your ROI and the environment. You can even get Energy Star tags for your home appliances to make the whole property greener.  

  • Smart home appliances are on the rise 


Smart homes are slowly becoming an everyday reality for the urban crowd. Most homes have at least one smart device their homes if not more. These devices can follow commands because they are all IoT devices and can be handled remotely. You can pre-feed instructions and get work done with a few clicks from your phones when your smart devices like ovens, fridges, TV sets, vacuum cleaners are all connected to the same web network.  

  • Increasing property values  


Using top-notch technology, devices, and amenities to increase property value is a tried and tested method in the market. More property managers are providing advanced devices in their real estate properties to drive sales and increase the overall sale valuation of the properties. Millennials are demanding such smart houses which are more eco-friendly; they are even ready to pay higher rents to avail these latest facilities to make life easier.  

  • Better workplace management 


A centralized data capturing and recording system with IoT devices can help in the workflow of your office space and daily workings. Make life better for your employees in the back office with efficient devices that work on commands and get the work done in no time and help improve the productivity of the team.  

  • House hunting made easy 


The pandemic has really made us adjust to virtual life, and real estate is not far behind. Companies are now offering virtual home tours for potential tenants and homebuyers to give them a realistic experience of the home without physically visiting the place. IoT-powered methods, apps, and software can make virtual tours real smooth. You can pre-schedule tours even without a property manager or agent present on the spot. PR Newswire reports have marveled at how Zillow is already using these applications to make 3D tours a reality for their potential customers and increase sales.  

IoT for Real Estate with Assetsoft

IoT in real estate has had a positive impact on both the tenants’ and property owners’ lives. From property management to asset development, IoT devices and software can be pre-programmed in many different ways to make your business run smoothly. 


At Assetsoft, we can help you integrate automation in your business with IoT-based software. No matter what your business needs, we can come up with the most innovative solutions for all of it. Book a free consultation call with us today to know more about our services in detail. 


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