A resource management platform is useless without data. Our software implementation services always include data conversion from the legacy system to the new one. However, some clients already have the resources to implement the new system and train their users. 


That’s why you can also request specific steps of the implementation process as a full service. That includes data conversion (or data migration). 


Data conversion is the lengthiest stage of system implementation. You need to “translate” all the information from the legacy system for the new one to process it. We can help you save a lot of time by taking care of that task for you.               


Adaptable Solutions For Your Company

We tailor every service to your company. Every business is different: it has its own information, properties, location, goals, and systems. Our resources receive constant training for all common platforms in the industry to ensure we can adapt to your requirements. 


There’s no need to worry about specifics, either. You’re free to give us the exact instructions on how you want the process to go. We’ll work on your schedule and focus on your priorities. 


Our data conversion solutions work from the platform you’re using to the new one you want to integrate. We can extract, audit, and configure the data for the new system to read. 

Legacy System Assessment

We evaluate the current system you’re using. This step is necessary to assess the type of data and how it’s coded. We work with both static and variable data, so we need to know how much of every data type you’re currently using. 


This phase plays a big role for the rest of the conversion process. Static data includes properties, banks, and balances; this data migrates and is ready as soon as the platform goes live. However, transactional data includes current year balances and properties; this data can vary during the process. 


It’s vital to understand the kinds of data you need to migrate to ensure a streamlined process. 

New System Setup

As mentioned, our resources have worked with many platforms throughout the years. You can rest assured we understand the platform you want to convert to. We’ll take care of setting up every function necessary to import the converted data. 


This step usually leads to training, but we can configure the databases solely. We also create multiple databases to make sure you can use the platform seamlessly. Our databases include verification, training, and testing databases. 


We also create a separate database for any data that could change during the conversion phase. That’s why it’s important to assess your data types. 

Reviewing & Verification

Our clients only need to tell us what they need and leave the rest to us. You’ll only need to step in to provide insight or feedback. Other than that, there’s no need to intervene until the end of the process. 


We review all data regularly during the process. At the end, we require clients to verify the new platform’s data. You’re the most trustworthy source of knowledge about your properties, balances, and agreements. Therefore, the last step is to have you verify the converted data. 


If you spot any irregularities, we’ll revise it as soon as possible at no extra cost to you.

Efficient Process

We use a 5-step process for our complete software implementation solutions. However, every step can be a separate service, and it has its own methodology and stages. We guarantee our data conversion approach is efficient, because it builds on the same foundation as all our other services.                                                                                                                             

Audit Services

Our data conversion relates to our audit services very closely. We constantly help clients audit their portfolios, written agreements, and balances to keep them away from costly anomalies. 


During conversion, you’re free to request additional audits if you think it’s necessary. These are an entirely separate service, so it doesn’t take away from the original solution.        

Building On Your Requirements

The first phase for any of our services is to interview the client. We call it “Discovery” because it’s how we’ll understand your entire situation, needs and goals. It’s a swift process that contains only a few questions you can reply however you think it’s appropriate. 


This first step determines the rest of the service. We’ll use your answers as instructions and guidelines during data conversion. That way, you can point out additional steps you might want us to take.        

Setup & Validation

We’ll take care to assess and set up both platforms for conversion. That includes extracting all the necessary data and configuring the new platform to accept it. 


We’ll go through the information repeatedly to ensure there are no irregularities between the legacy and new system. However, we’ll still ask you to provide the last confirmation to know whether or not we’ll have to revise or include anything else.



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