Features of Zoho CRM That Property Managers Should Know 

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Installing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a sure shot at improving your business relationships. 

Why Do You Need a CRM Software? 

Client satisfaction is what drives a company forward. But as a property manager, you also know that customer relationship management uses a substantial amount of data. First, there is the essential data- the personal information of your tenants and potential clients. Then there are the mails, the endless transaction records from previous years. Even without counting your business's marketing campaigns and sales drive, it constitutes a massive amount of data.  

Benefits of CRM 

A streamlining of all this excess information is what CRM software promises. This technology is beneficial for smaller businesses because they help cut down labor-intensive tasks. Consulting firms offer crucial software like Zoho and MRI to help these companies optimize their systems. 

CRM technology helps centralize your business operations on one platform. It helps you stay at the top of your game by prioritizing customer relations. You can manage everything from sales negotiation to complaint resolutions on this platform.  

Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM software boasts state-of-the-art technology that can take your business to the level. Powerful integrated tools like the AI assistant Zia can perform the same tasks as you, only quicker and more efficiently. With this technology, your team no longer have spend hours pondering over functions like lead generation and deal predictions. 

As a client, you can choose from three versions of the software- Zoho Standard, Professional, or Standard. However, implementing any three CRM software can give you benefits like increased sales, a more efficient workforce, improved client retention, and more. 

An internal survey advertizes impressive feats like a 300% improvement in lead conversion rates and a 27% rise in customer retention. Such accomplishments are made possible because of features like 

  1. Predictive Sales and Intelligence 

The software's built-in AI assistant, Zia, plays a significant role in streamlining business processes. It can execute tasks ranging from budgeting and forecasting to computing sales numbers. One exciting feature of this AI is that it can predict the likeliness of a deal going wrong or right. This lead and deal prediction tool gives you an insight into the vulnerabilities and strengths of your sales pitch. The sales forecasting with Zia Ai uses a comprehensive reading of the existing market and sales data before making the forecasts. The technology tackles lead from every possible angle by 

  • Being updated on market trends and sales history 

  • Excluding bad leads 

  • Assigning team members based on their skill 

  • Testing all potential outcomes of the sale strategies 

Meanwhile, Zia Voice, the voice-automated assistant, can help you with assistive tasks, including; 

  • Running searches 

  • Fetching records 

  • Charting metrics 

  • Taking notes 

  • Placing orders 

  • Calling tenants 


  1. Platform Customization 

One of the best things about Zoho CRM is that this software is completely customizable. Some of the most helpful features of this technology include a custom layout to an option for creating your icons. You can even tweak the system to adapt to your local language and currency without any problem. 

If you are a property manager in charge of multiple residential and commercial areas, this feature is sure to come in handy. The system has provisions for various layouts for your different businesses. You also have the option of validating data before it enters the system. Such a tool ensures that the correct information ends up properly and nothing goes haywire. 

The filtering tool can save you a lot of time among the customization features. Adjust the views and the filters to the correct setting and get hold of the data you are looking for. This tool helps you customize your process by 

  • Creating unique segments to collect specific information 

  • Customize actions that would otherwise require constant watch, resulting in workplace optimization 

  • Create specific landing sites to capture the correct CRM data 

  • Be updated on crucial information to strengthen sales pitch/tenant interaction 


  1. Omnichannel 

Zoho CRM lets you reach out to several leads across many channels from the same platform. Connecting your social media accounts to your business is old school. The software's technology lets you execute tasks like 

  • Interact with leads as they enter the website via live chat 

  • Customize Zoho SalesIQ to track visitor movement so that the sales team can use the data for future pitches 

  • Organized specialized surveys for data collection 

  • Autolog and update each call with added notes 


  1. Integrated System 

Zoho CRM software works best for property managers because of its integrated framework. This system reduces workforce inefficiency by bringing different business channels under one roof. This integrated approach to customer management makes the software suitable for property managers.  

Workforce Efficiency 

For example, the finance team may collect the relevant accounting data for a particular month. With an integrated CRM system, a team handling the complaint resolutions can access the same data and use it to resolve the customer's issues. With this system in place, the entire workforce works as a single entity to ensure customer satisfaction.  

You can also install a chat tool in the CRM for maximum collaboration. This way, each team can remain easily updated on vital information, deals or announcements. 

Hiring a Tech Partner

To receive the best possible outcome, look for professional, trustworthy tech firms to assist you. A Zoho-certified partner is a must if you want to take advantage of all the relevant features of the software. Since it is an extensive system, it can take you and your team some time to get the hang of things. Here is where the Zoho certification comes in handy. 

The tag means that the software's parent company has recognized the firm. The implication is that these people know the system inside out and can help you be as familiar with the technology as them.  Besides these, a team with Zoho certification also knows how to install the software correctly into your company's system. Since in itself, Zoho is fully customizable, they will also tweak the tools to create a unique, user-friendly interface.  

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