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How to Use MRI Analytics to Maximize Retail Lease Performance

MRI Ascend is going to start on October 24 in Chicago. The conference will be filled with learning, sharing insights, and information about the company’s solution. 

Most importantly, industry leaders will share secrets to improving different aspects of your real estate business. 

One crucial...

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How Can Real Estate Businesses Benefit from Procore Integrations?

Modern businesses use a range of apps on a daily basis. The same is true for the real estate industry. 

However, disparate apps spread across different environments serve only standalone purposes. However, the potential is in creating a connected ecosystem of apps for seamless data exchange and ...

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Why Canada Is a Prime Market for Real Estate Investment

Blackstone Real Estate Group has stepped into the real estate market in Canada. Its first office in Toronto is now operating with ten full-time employees. The company is looking forward to investing in various sectors, including residential and rental properties. 

Canada offers lucrative opportu...

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How to Deliver Positive Customer Experiences with UiPath AI and Automation

A discussion at Forward VI hosted by UiPath is on delivering positive customer experiences using AI (artificial intelligence) and automation. 

It will focus on a company that manufactures backup generators in the US. 

However, how can real estate businesses do the same using UiPath?

Here are ...

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UiPath Document Understanding with Prompt Builder: A New Era of Document Management 

UiPath is a leading automation hub with advanced features. One key element of the suite is AI-powered document understanding. 

It is the coming together of artificial intelligence (AI) and document processing. The software can extract and interpret data from documents for various applications.


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