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Enhancing Tenant Experience Through Digital Asset Management Solutions

For any real estate management company, the tenant experience is always a primary concern. Satisfied tenants are more likely to renew their leases, generate stable revenues, and promote the property to other potential customers. 


So, the success of the property management business largely ...

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8 Types of Journal Entries that You Need to Know About 
Are you worried about handling your back-office accounting needs? Here are the 8 journal entries you need to know about.
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Hotels and Post Pandemic Asset Management to beat the pandemic 
Among all kinds of real estate, hotels and related retail businesses have seen the most disruption due to the pandemic. Neither families nor corporate companies had enough budget to spare on trips and tourism. So, how can they recover post pandemic? Here is what you need to know.
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Business Travel Took a Hit Post-pandemic. Know Why Better Asset Management Can Help 

Business and quality analysts across the world are sweating over the post-pandemic dip in business travel. The major chunk of the hospitality industry is banked on these business trips. Work has shifted online and business trips have taken a major hit as collateral damage. 


Major studies a...

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