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The Complete Guide to Property Inspections 

Property Hunting is undoubtedly a difficult task when there are so many options to choose from. But no matter how much time passes by, they’ll always be expensive. And to make a decision where you’ll be spending a lot of your money, some expert advice is needed. 


Property inspections play ...

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Busting Common Tenant Screening Myths 

Renting out properties can be a tough job. From having to interview tenants, provide maintenance, manage accounts, and solve tenant problems, the list goes on. Whether it is noise complaints, damaging items, or constantly being notified about minor problems, these tenants ca...

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Tenants Could Enjoy More Benefits In 2021 - What Can Commercial Landlords Expect? 
Several regulations about eviction moratoriums are extended by governments around the world. Find out more about these extensions and the impact they may have on commercial landlords.
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Virginias March Legislation Changes: What It Means and How To Adapt

Since COVID-19 began, tracking legislation updates has been a hardship for everyone. Depending on your location, you might feel like laws change every other day. For some, that's unfortunately true. 


The recent legislation changes in Virginia, beginning on the 1st of March, is...

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