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Reinvent Core Financials with MRI Property Management X

MRI Ascend 2023 is still going on till October 28th, and it's the best place to acquire rare insights and deep industry knowledge. You can also learn more about the extensive suite of products from the house of MRI. 

One such solution is Property Management X. It improves access to data, speeds ...

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Yardi's Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) began with much fanfare at the San Diego Convention Center on September 6. The event attracted thousands of the industry's best talents to learn about Yardi's offerings.
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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Real Estate - How Businesses can Help 
The real estate industry had to adopt better strategy and leadership to reduce its carbon footprint as soon as possible to make the industry more sustainable. This will help their business be more sustainable in the long run and positively help the environment.
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2021 Renters Report across U.S. and Canada: Top Developing Trends 

Across the world, the rental property market is impacted by Covid-19. As the world recovers from the pandemic, the market is expected to reach $1765.5 billion in 2021. With the real estate trends changing, let’s explore how the market fares in different countries.  

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