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The True Cost Of Eviction And How To Avoid It 

The most important aspect of maintaining a successful property rental business is having top-quality tenants who abide by the rules and pay rent on time. 


Bad tenants lead to a loss of income in the future in terms of back rent. To protect your property and income from problematic ten...

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8 Reasons to Upgrade to Online Rent Collection  

Ever had tenants who always paid their rent on time? Such tenants are an asset but are also not very common. For property managers, rent collection is one of the tiresome aspects. More than 50% of Americans make late payments due to job loss, financial problems, or simply because--they for...

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The Three Major Data Analysis Trends Coming In 2021 For Finances 

Big data keeps playing a significant role in countless industries, especially as the post-COVID world settles. Today, companies can’t overlook the advantages of in-depth data analysis methods and solutions. 


That’s particularly true in real estate and similar industries. Data analysis...

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Tax Relief and Funding By Municipalities and Governments for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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CAM Reconciliation Season: Why It Matters, Considerations, And Making the Most Out of It

CAM reconciliation can be both useful and problematic. Like budgeting, it requires discipline, time, and focus. Companies create entire departments for it. However, it’s a vital step for every landlord wanting to optimize their income.


CAM reconciliation lets you k...

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