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Canada's Hotel Industry Seems to Rebound in August 

With the pandemic waning, most of Canada’s provinces have reopened using a step-by-step approach. For the country’s hospitality industry, this means more people, tourism, and revenue.  


Last year, the hospitality industry was one of the hardest-hit sectors due to the pandemic. The hot...

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2021 Renters Report across U.S. and Canada: Top Developing Trends 

Across the world, the rental property market is impacted by Covid-19. As the world recovers from the pandemic, the market is expected to reach $1765.5 billion in 2021. With the real estate trends changing, let’s explore how the market fares in different countries.  

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YMCA of Greater Toronto Sells Mississauga Site for $90 Million 
The YMCA of Greater Toronto won’t be around much longer. It’s been sold to a local developer who is looking to build several towers on the site, located west of the city. More on the story here.
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The Record Level Dip In Canada's Hotel Occupancy/Revenue: Will The Upcoming Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Help? 
Trudeau’s Liberal government has implemented new international travel restriction rules that will see travelers undergoing a COVID test and staying three days in hotels for around $2,000. Can that indirectly help the hotel industry, which has been in shambles from the beginning of the pandemic?
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What Does 2021 Have in Store for Real Estate Markets Around the World?
Will the lower interest rates continue? How will the retail and logistics industry shape up this year? From Canada and U.S. to U.K. and Australia, we take a look at major real estate markets around the world, and how their real estate market will respond this year.
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