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Energy Efficiency in Buildings can Help Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Real Estate 
Are you a real estate owner or property manager wondering about the energy efficiency of your buildings and how you can help? Read our blog to find out the latest trends, driving factors, and what steps you can take to make your buildings more energy efficient.
05.08.22 08:25 PM - Comment(s)
How Retail Real Estate is Recovering from the Pandemic 
Know the pre and post-pandemic changes in the retail industry and how it in turn reshaped and changed the real estate business during the pandemic.
03.08.22 08:32 AM - Comment(s)
Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise and the Future of Real Estate 
Sea levels are rising across the world. What does this mean for your real estate business? Know how you can strategize better to navigate the situation.
26.07.22 09:29 AM - Comment(s)
8 CRE Trends that Will Drive the Real Estate Market in 2023 
Commercial Real Estate (CRE) was and always has been a dependable form of investment and business. What will the market look like next year?
13.07.22 06:21 PM - Comment(s)
The Rising Mortgage Rates - How they can Affect your Real Estate sales? 
The mortgage rates are constantly rising, and it has seen an all-time high in the past years. How can your real estate biz deal with that? Here is a look.
10.07.22 10:20 AM - Comment(s)