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Yardi Reveals the The Building of the Future at YASC Sydney

Prices of properties are soaring in most countries, especially in cities. In Japan, people live in Goshiwons to save on rent and stay within city limits. 

They are even smaller than the micro-apartments, with roughly a size of 50 square meters. A cabin in Goshiwon can cost anything from $100 to ...

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Can a real estate agent manage a rental property? 
There are multiple different benefits to hiring a real estate agent as a property manager and some drawbacks as well. In this article, we will try to find out what they are. This will help you as a real estate business to take a call on whether this is a suitable option for your business.
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Top 7 things to look for in consultants for MRI software 
Without a knowledgeable consultant, you may be left with a half-hearted software integration, and your investment will become redundant. But how do you choose the right consultant? Read this blog to find out what you should look for in your consultants for MRI software.
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How to appeal property tax assessment in the USA? 
Read this article to find out all the steps you have to follow successfully appeal your property tax assessment.
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Does your real estate business really need a property manager? 

If you are a real estate business owner or landlord, then you must have thought if your business really needs a property manager. When you are just starting a new real estate business, you may cut costs and save up by acting as your own property manager. But property management is an expert task tha...

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