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How Can Tenant Portals Help Real Estate Companies? 

Real estate is among the fastest-growing industries regarding technology implementation. Tenant portals pose a promising development for any company wishing to streamline its tenant support. 


These portals allow property managers to provide a direct contact channel for their tena...

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The Three Major Data Analysis Trends Coming In 2021 For Finances 

Big data keeps playing a significant role in countless industries, especially as the post-COVID world settles. Today, companies can’t overlook the advantages of in-depth data analysis methods and solutions. 


That’s particularly true in real estate and similar industries. Data analysis...

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Nearly $380 Million Raised by Redwood Software for Enteprise RPA

Process automation is one of the fastest-growing trends in almost every industry. Even before COVID-19, its projected growth was massive. The pandemic only strengthened the need for its advantages and savings. 


RPA, or robotic process automation, goes by many names. However, its...

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RPA Automation With Assetsoft - What Can You Expect? 

Robotic process automation has taken the real estate sector like a storm. It has helped the industry evolve and embrace digital adoption more effectively. RPA can help you save money and resources in countless tasks. 


However, implementing it can be a challenge. You need to assess which pr...

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How Big Retailers Like Walmart Are Pushing For New Technology For Automation 

Walmart has made the news several times already for its technological innovations. Even in 2017, Forbes was already reporting how the retail chain was moving toward high-tech. Four years later, it seems like this quality has remained faithful. 


More than that, Walmart might be a...

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